Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Connection Between Alzheimer's, Lyme Disease, Cataracts, and Dental Health

                                      AMYLOID PLAQUES IN ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE

First of all, let's establish the connection between Alzheimer's, cataracts, poor dental health (which includes gingivitis,dental cleaning, gum surgery, and root canals), amyloid plaques, oral spirochetes and Lyme spirochetes which may all connect in causing inflammation in the eye and in the brain. It is observed that inflammation from infection causes cataracts and disease of the brain, which includes the amyloid plaques of Alzheimer's disease. This will be a fairly long article with videos, in order to establish these extremely important connections.
Alzheimer's disease, other neuro-degenerative disease, and autoimmune diseases are spreading out of control. In order to stem this tide of sickness and disability, we need to find and treat the ROOT causes instead of only identifying and treating the symptoms. Main stream medicine tells us that they are treating the cause when they prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, etc....which temporarily reduce the inflammation ......But government researchers and the pharmaceutical companies are either innocently or intentionally ignoring the CAUSES of inflammation. Infection with bacteria, fungus, and viruses are obvious causes of inflammation in the brain, the heart, the eye and other parts of the body. By only treating the symptoms of inflammation, instead of treating the cause of inflammation, the medical system creates a market for anti-inflammatory drugs and other drugs which ONLY treat the symptoms. This  practice allows infections to go undiagnosed and untreated and makes the drug companies rich.

While much attention is given to marginal or made up diseases, such as SARS, Swine Flu, West Nile appears that the CDC,  drug companies and other government agencies are intentionally drawing attention away from the serious long term infections which cause Alzheimer's, possibly autoimmune disease, and other neuro-degenerative diseases such as Lupus, M.S, ALS, Fibromyagia, CFS, cataracts...and the list goes on and on. Is anyone noticing that just about everyone in modern society is now sick with one condition or another....conditions which supposedly have no definitive tests, causes, or cures?

The work of Judith Miklossy and Alan McDonald needs to be widely distributed and studied. Judith Miklossy, a Swiss researcher, and Dr. Alan McDonald, an MD and Pathologist, have found  lyme spirochetes and oral spirochetes in the brains of Alzheimer's patients upon autopsy. Here are a  couple links to Miklossy's studies.   and

The work of Alan MacDonald, which coincides with Miklossy's research can be found in the videos at the bottom of this article. The video is in several parts and fairly long but contains vital information.

The following message was written to a group of doctors and researchers who specialize in Lyme disease and the many other infections that ticks can spread. The message is conveying that cataracts can be caused by inflammation and that the microbes that cause this inflammation can also cause dementia. It is thought that cataracts are a good indication that Alzheimer's may develop down the road.

To all;
  Everyone should know the work of Judith Miklossy.  Pubmed it.  Always reference number three.
  The photomicrographs of Alz's brain and those infected by neurospirochetosis are EXACTLY THE SAME. 
  The inflammation from intracellular infection causes the amyloid to accumulate.  This is seen in the eye as a senile cataract.  It was also reported on CBS news last night, as amyloid deposition on the retina, seen 20 years prior to the development of dementia.
  All providers can make eye information, available from the patient's opthalomogist, as a method of tracking long term inflammation treatment, and effects on cataract size changes, as well as the retinal nerve fibrogram.
  Dr. Clem Trempe.......  has found that such treatment of intracellular infection will result in cataract improvement and improvement in cognitive decline.  My review of the records finds improvements in visual acuity about 80 percent of the time.  He also finds 85% positive antibody tests to intracellular infections, with 45% more than a single infection.  (This sounds familiar for those acquainted with the co-infection rate in Lyme.)
  I use information from ILADS to help reverse the cataract decline, as well as the cognitive decline, as Lyme disease is the quintessential, and as far as I can tell, best understood intracellular infection.
  So there is hope.
  We can on our own, individually begin to treat and reverse Alzheimer's. 
  Do not wait for the federal government.
  Do not trust in single interventions.  We know from Lyme that it is best treated with a combined approach.
  Do not stop.  Proceed.  For anyone that wants help in establishing such a clinic, and there are patients who will pay, feel free to reply.
  P. James Seberger, M.D., Ph.D.

Another important factor in the development of dementia may be dental infections and dental work, such as root canals, gingivitis,dental cleaning, and gum surgery , which can create openings in the oral cavity to allow bacteria in the mouth a direct route to the brain, heart, and nervous system. The main point of this article is that bacteria causes inflammation and inflammation causes amyloid plaques which are found in Alzheimer's disease. Also that lyme spirochetes and oral spirochetes (microbes found in the mouth) are two of the probable causes of dementia.

The following are videos concerning the topics above.

The next video is Dr. Nordquist demonstrating the effectiveness of colloidal silver, bleach and then honey with natural herbals on the bacteria in the spaces around the gums. Because it is believed that dementia, heart disease, and other health problems are caused by bacteria in the mouth gaining access to the brain and other parts of the body through dental cleanings or different types of surgeries and root canals, Dr. Nordquist is looking at different methods of cleansing the mouth of bacteria before conducting dental work.

The following book is written by Dr. Nordquist which explains his theories of lyme spirochetes in the mouth and regular oral spirochetes (which have both been found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients) perhaps causing Alzheimer's disease. Think of the huge pandemic of Lyme disease and the many other infections that ticks are now passing to humans....and also think of the number of people who have invasive dental procedures, AND the growing number of people with Alzheimer's. These  issues seem to coincide. I believe this is a very important book. My personal lyme story includes gum surgery and a slowly developing and debilitating illness....which after 8 years of suffering was found to be Lyme disease. I don't remember a specific tick bite at the time I became ill but did have many tick bites previous to my gum surgery. When the Lyme disease was treated with long term combination antibiotic therapy....many of my symptoms disappeared, including extreme cognitive issues of concentration, poor memory, and a lack of organizational abilities. I have brain SPECT scans which show the progression and improvement of the Lyme disease in correlation with antibiotic treatment and discontinuation of treatment. The radiologist wrote that the lack of blood flow to certain parts of my brain were consistent with an Alzheimer's brain. So...treating the infection vastly improved my cognitive problems...if seen in elderly people would be labeled as dementia or Alzheimer's disease.


  1. This was a really informative article. I never knew the connection between all these. My mother had her eye surgery for cataracts only last month. If she had read this blog before her surgery she must have freaked out. Anyways thanks for the share.

  2. Very interesting post..Thanks for sharing :) i really like your video and appreciate your surgery article.

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  3. Thank you folks for the comments. I really feel that dental health,diet, microbes, and infections in the mouth are huge factors in determining the health of the whole body. I've come to this conclusion through personal experience and lay research. For anyone interested in the root cause of poor dental and whole body health, I would HIGHLY recommend the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Dr. Weston Price. It sounds like a dry subject but it is actually a fascinating book.

  4. Really good post. I like your video and presentation.