Thursday, October 16, 2008

Purifying Our Environment

By Marjorie Tietjen

The mainstream media has recently been predicting dire consequences for the world's environment if immediate steps are not taken to curb pollution.

What steps are being considered by those in power?

From what I understand, the main "plan of action" would be to grant unlimited powers to the United Nations, to enforce global environmental laws.

What would this mean?

Who would be in charge?

Would we have any say in the election of those who would be in control of our destiny?

It is becoming rather obvious that the more the power is consolidated, the more rights the people lose. We don't want to trade one problem for another......pollution for tyranny. From the beginning of it's organization, the main goal of the United Nations has been to form a One World Government. We need to carefully observe the current situation in which our President is ignoring environmental concerns and maybe even intentionally contributing to them in order to further a more hidden agenda.. Perhaps "Problem - Reaction - Solution" may be playing a role in this scenerio.

Here is a quote by George Bush senior, who of course is the father of our current President. "We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use it's peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N's founders."

I think it would be naive to suppose that that our current president did not have the same aspirations or agenda as his father. I feel it is possible that our president could be playing his role as the "Problem" by contributing to the environmental crisis. In the meantime the media is provoking the public into a "Reaction" by telling us the world is on the verge of catastrophic collapse, due to nuclear and environmental concerns, partially caused by the ruler of our country. I believe we may be expected to react by demanding that the United Nations take control of the situation, which is the ultimate goal or "Solution" of those in power. Some of you may think this is far fetched and some of you may even think it's a good idea. However, it would seem prudent to keep these ideas in the back of our minds as we watch events unfold. This particular scenerio has been predicted and appears to be playing itself out. Gorbachev has stated that the environment will be the cornerstone (fear inducing factor) of the New World Order.

At this point in time things appear particularly discouraging and hopeless. However, nothing is ever hopeless. The following is a quote from an article in the May 4, 1970 issue of The Christian Science Monitor entitled "Higher Thinking, Better Living", by Joseph G Harrison

"Man's attitude towards the environment, like his attitude towards his fellowmen, stems from his own view of himself and of his relationship to life's whole. Pollution is not something that springs up automatically and unavoidably as an economy broadens or as human activity increases or as population multiplies. Pollution comes from the quality of men's thinking about themselves and from their overall concept of what life does and should include."

It is becoming clear to many people that the further we move into materialism, the more we separate ourselves from our true spiritual nature. In this process of consuming ourselves with mainly material objectives, we begin to lose our sense of connectedness to God and along with this apparent loss of connection, we also lose our sense of intuition, discernment, wisdom, caring and compassion, which have their source in God.
We become more concerned about material gain. When our main desire returns to spiritual gain then society's compulsion for overconsumption and competition will fade away and more spiritual humane interests will then become our focus.

Pollution of thought is at the root of pollution in all types of media and entertainment. It is also at the root of polluted morals and is definitely reflected in the pollution of our environment. Instead of the environment surrounding us, we will become increasingly aware that we embrace our environment in our conciousness.

"If our purpose is to stuff our environment with more and better matter instead of knowing purer and higher concepts, we shall be disappointed. We might succeed in gaining materialistic goals, but they would never unfold the atmosphere that constitutes man's spiritual environment. Heaven's door would be closed to us until we changed our objective to a spiritual one." Helen Wood Bauman

So, let's not give our power and responsibility away to some Think Tank because we feel there is no hope. The real hope for the world lies within each and everyone of us. Attitudes and values can and do change but first we have to acknowledge that this is possible. The Bible tell us that with God all things are possible. Then shouldn't this be the source we all turn to for lasting solutions?

We all have different concepts of what God is to us. The point isn't to try and define God but to "know" that we are all connected to this wise loving intelligence and it is here where we have our access to right ideas that will heal the world.

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