Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cheap and Healthy Eating For Lyme Disease

To be able to avoid genetically engineered foods, boost your immune system, use what nature gives us in season and to be able to eat vegetables for free......I would highly recommend eating your weeds....use your lawn as a source of food instead of spraying it with chemicals. I highly recommend Susun Weed's books which show us what these foods are and how to wisely use them for better health and vitality.

Weeds in Your Garden? -- Bite Back!
c.1999 Susun S. Weed

I always say the gardener's best revenge is to eat the weeds. I've been doing it for thirty years and can testify that my health and the health of my garden has never been better. Here are a few hints for gardeners who'd rather eat their weeds than hate them (and for non-gardeners who are adventurous enough to try out nature's bounty). Read More.......

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