Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lyme and Biowarfare

Biological Warfare – are we already seeing the casualties?

Ian Brockwell
December 07, 2008

If we are to believe the government, scientists, drug companies and media, biological warfare is a possibility for the future, only a week ago we were told that the United States could be the target of such an attack by terrorists before 2013.Although the report said terrorist groups still lack the needed scientific and technical ability to make weapons out of pathogens, that gap can be easily overcome, if terrorists find scientists willing to share or sell their know-how.

It was interesting that the following comment was also made by the panel "The United States should be less concerned that terrorists will become biologists and far more concerned that biologists will become terrorists,"Of course, if we were to suggest that there may be some truth to that statement and the "biologists" were in fact gathering on the US mainland, and not some far away country situated in the Middle East (for example), we would immediately be accused of creating a "conspiracy theory". The mainstream media would ridicule the idea and the public would accept their word without question (and support it) as they always do.

Throughout history man has always tried to find weapons more powerful than their "enemies". First a club, then a spear, then a bow, a gun, cannon, a missile and so on. However, the search for the ultimate weapon has always been the dream of the scientists willing to sell their discoveries to governments and the military.Could it be that such a weapon already exists and a biological war has begun? But who are the victims and what is the purpose?

An article by Marjorie Tietjen called "Discreet Methods of Biological Warfare" offers some interesting points and some food for thought.In her article she mentions Lyme disease and whilst a supposedly "old" disease, has a somewhat curious genetic structure that looks like it "was captured in mid-shuttle," like it is "still undergoing construction." Read More......

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