Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am concerned that not only is SCHIP a socialistic program but look at the title of it. The word CHIP is embedded in the title. This whole push for socialized medicine (Michael Moore being one of the pushers)is a very dangerous prospect. As our health system stands right now, it is controlled by the corporations which IS the government. The corporations are meshed with the government. I think that's called fascism. On the one hand Michael Moore tells us how horrible our healthcare system is and that it is the fault of the corporations. Then he tells us that we need government run healthcare......which is ONE with the corporations. This makes no sense. Michael Moore appears to be controlled opposition. He is making the people think that the Elite's solution (government controlled health care) is their idea so we will end up clamoring for it and accepting it.

So, think about it...if the government already is in control of our healthcare... and is basically giving us only symptomatic treatments (no cures)AND is actually causing more problems with the medications they are pushing on us......why on earth would we want them to have total control? One third of the population is reportedly on antidepressants. We are becoming a nation of numbed zombies. Look further on this website to find out more about them.

I can see it now......if we don't take certain medications or have our "health" chip implanted....we will be denied further care. I feel it would be an Orwellian nightmare. Will chips be implanted in our children who are in this SCHIP program and could these chips be implanted through state vaccines?
It is interesting to look at the names or Initials given to certain events, agencies and diseases. Look at 9-11. The date that the elite planned this event to take place, was no accident.

Look at the Agency USAID ( United States Agency for International Developement). One of their purposes is to implement population control in the underdeveloped nations. Is the name of the disease AIDS also a coincidence?
The link below is interesting

I don't necessarily go along with the tone of this website below but it shows a SCHIP logo and other logos that need to be evaluated . The SCHIP LOGO above this article is explained at this link. It is an interpretation of what the logo means....but it seems plausible to me. The Verichip is being propagandized for acceptable purposes......such as locating pets, alzheimer's patients, to contain medical information and much more. Many people will have themselves or their loved ones chipped out of fear caused by the govt/corporations. This is NOT science fiction and is something we should be extremely concerned about


  1. Please watch this video and think about how the corporations (the government) use fear to control us.

  2. Thankyou for sharing such a valuable film. I watched the first part and will watch the rest when I have more time