Saturday, March 28, 2009


Some of you may be thinking...."what is this topic doing on a Lyme disease blog?" If one takes a look at the increasing chaos surrounding us and we begin to analyze becomes obvious to many that all these adverse events coming together at this point in history....are not accidental or just evolutionary. This Chaos is being orchestrated.....and much of it is connected. I believe that Lyme disease and the accompanying coinfections (which are disabling the nation), the collapse of our economy, the degeneration of our morality, the environmental movement, the dissolving of religious foundations, the weakening of family ties and even weather warfare are being orchestrated and used to bring the world to it's knees so that we willingly accept the solutions of those in power. Of course these solutions will only place more power and control in the hands of those causing the chaos.

This is what David Icke terms Problem- Reaction -Solution. It is also called the Hegelian Dialetic. We desperately need to study these means of manipulation. This includes specific techniques such as the Alinsky Method, The Delphi Technique...etc. The program below (click on "click to listen") does an excellent job of explaining these tactics and how they are being used on us today

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Revolutionary Change the Alinsky Way
People seem confused by many of President Obama's actions. However, if they take time to examine the Alinsky method of community change, things would become much clearer. So we'll do that for the first part of the program as Brannon Howse ( tells us who Saul Alinksy was, what he stood for and the revolutionary (sic) method of social change he designed.
Then John updates listeners on the death of the American dollar as the world gravitates toward a global currency. This is followed by resuming the Middle East thread with a review of former President Jimmy Carter's new book to see what impact this line of thought will have on efforts to restart a peace process. Dexter van Zile from Camera ( joins the show.
John's boralogue starts a new thread on the emerging global religious paradigm, which will have compromise as a core value.

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