Monday, March 2, 2009


I attended a conference this past weekend on Lyme disease. One of the speakers,Mary Tocco, spoke about the dangers of vaccines. I felt she was an animated credible speaker and did an exceptional job educating us on all aspects of the vaccine issue. She is extremely dedicated to preserving the health of our children and has definitely done her research.

Mary does not advise us to NOT vaccinate our children but presents the facts concerning vaccines so that parents can make their own informed decisions. Our children are the future of the world and it is not wise to trust their health and their lives to the whims of the pharmaceutical companies. Mary Tocco has created a video which is available online at the link below. This video is a very valuable tool which we can utilize in educating the public......and doctors. Most doctors do not realize the dangers that vaccines pose. The drug companies and universities funded by drug companies are the entities that educate our doctors.

I feel that something must be done about this dangerous situation. You can help by asking Mary to speak at one of your functions or by purchasing her video. The video can be shared with relatives and friends or it can be shown publicly at libraries, schools, special showings at your town hall, etc. Let's get creative. Mary Tocco has given us a very valuable resource to help turn our world around for the let's take advantage of it.

Some of the topics covered are......What our are rights?.......Vaccine ingredients.... Are vaccines effectively working?.....Can vaccines cause illness? What to do if your child is already sick....and much more. If you would like to view a few clips from the DVD, scroll down to the bottom of this blog and take a look

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