Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bowen Test

Because of the Bowen Test, I was able to be diagnosed with Lyme disease and Babesiosis. I was treated for both and while I am not totally healed.....I definitely have my life back. The original Bowen Test has been retired. The picture above is a Lyme cyst identified by the Bowen test. Every patient would recieve a photo of what was found in their blood. It is thought that the black objects inside the cyst are spirochetes waiting to emerge when the cyst bursts.
A new version of the Bowen Test has been created by Central Florida Research Lab
The test has some new modern features but has been watered down in order to be CLIA approved. This means that the test will find less postives than the original Bowen Test. Whether this is a good thing or not...I don't know.

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