Saturday, April 25, 2009


For several years now we have been promised a flu pandemic....not a matter of "IF" but "WHEN". These have been the words of our government. We have been psychologically prepared to expect something of this nature so then when it would be announced, the whole scenerio would seem legitimate. It does not seem plausible to me that this is a natural act of nature. This flu pandemic prediction is very reminiscent of the terrorism warnings we had before 9-11. They said the same thing then. The announcements went like this....."It is only a matter of time before terrorism occurs in our country....not a matter of IF ...BUT WHEN. We experienced a terrorism attack but it was orchestrated by the very folks who had been warning us and were now pointing fingers at groups outside of our country.

Now....there is a possibility that this Swine/Bird Flu they are drumming a genetically engineered organism and that we need to worry about it. However, I am finding it more likely that it could be a type of false flag operation. In other could be a totally baseless or fake epidemic but it could be magnified in the media to appear as if it is a real problem. They may use it to make us take vaccines, to sell Tamiflu. It may be an excuse to quaranteen the population and cause havoc (order out of chaos). Because this flu supposedly originated in Mexico.....this scenerio may be used to initiate the North American Union.....and changing the currency to the Amero. Notice how this emerging pandemic is correlating with the crashing economy. If you think about it....everything is being timed to come together...including all the shootings. These shootings are also being used to take away our guns. Can you begin to see the pattern here?

We have to use our judgement and intuition. We must question what we are hearing and not let the media frighten us into some government planned solution. We have to look at the situation, think about the different possibilities and then if and when things begin to play out, we will be more able to discern the right moves to take in our personal lives. The Natural Solutions Foundation is telling us this is a real genetically engineered virus that is being let loose to kill us all. This is not necessarily true. As I already mentioned, it may only be a ploy to get us to accept something we wouldn't normally accept.

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