Friday, August 14, 2009


As many people know, the normal winter type flu is very rare in the summer. Especially in the Northeast......when people come down with flu like symptoms in the summer, doctors that are aware will automatically test for Lyme disease or it's coinfections. Not only is Lyme disease a huge problem in the summer(and othe times of the year) but there are many other infections that are also passed on by the deer tick which have very similar symptoms to lyme and to the flu. I'll start off with early stage lyme symptoms. The Lyme disease rash is noticed by less than half of Lyme disease victims.

2. Chills
3. Fever
4. Headache
5. Muscle and joint Aches
6 Sore throat
7. Swollen Lymph Nodes

Babesia is another very common coinfection. Many Lyme patients have more than one coinfection because ticks and possibly other insects can carry more than one infection. One tick bite can pass on more than one disease to it's host. Babesiosis is caused by a parasite and needs to be treated with anti-malarial drugs...not antibiotics. Here are the symptoms of acute babesiosis
1. High fever
2. Chills
3. Sweating
4. Weakness
5 Tiredness
6. Joint and Muscle aches
7. Poor appetite
8. Headache
The link below is to Eva Sapi's tick research at the University of New Haven...important info

Bartonella is an organism which can be transmitted by fleas, ticks, mites, flies and birth infection. Early signs are
1. Fever
2. Fatigue
4. Poor appetite
5. can have an unusual streaked rash similar in appearance to stretch marks
6. Swollen glands

Certain mycoplasmas(such as mycoplasma fermentens, patented by the Army) can also have very similar symptoms

1. Fever
2. Fatigue
3. Sore throat
4.Runny Nose
5. Body Aches
6. Headaches
7. Chills

The only symptom that supposed Swine flu and these other diseases do not have in common seems to be the runny nose.

How many people being diagnosed with the Swine Flu really do have The Swine Flu...if there is such a thing? We are talking here about pandemic lyme disease and it's coinfections which have spread around the world. These insect borne infections all begin with flulike symptoms. IF NOT TREATED for these infections, patients go on to develope neurological symptoms months down the road. Months later when these symptoms begin to appear, they are rarely attributed to the original perhaps undiagnosed lyme or coinfection. With the Swine Flu propaganda spreading around the world, I wonder how many people are being tested for these severe degenerative infections, such as Lyme and the others I have mentioned? There is an intentional effort by those in power NOT to treat Lyme, mycoplasma...etc. Are they trying to disable our nation and the world for the purpose of establishing world government? Is there a correlation here?

Does the swine flu appearing during the summer have any connection with the Lyme disease coverup? Most of us realize that there is something seriously wrong with this Swine flu Pandemic propaganda. It seems there are many different facets to this conspiracy (yes ...conspiracy is a legitimate word). Could the Swine flu also be an extension of the Lyme Disease Denial and Coverup? How many cases of Lyme and coinfections are being missed? One needs to read Swine Flu information written by Dr. Tim O'Shea

Please familiarize yourselves with early Lyme symptoms and late neurological lyme and other coinfection symptoms. If you are diagnosed down the road with one of our everincreasing autoimmune disease labels.....please don't let one of those autoimmune disease diagnoses go unchallenged.

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