Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We are intentionally being bombarded by many crises and issues at once. This is for the purpose of creating chaos....then "order" out of chaos. It is almost impossible humanly to reach everyone and warn them about every issue. I have learned from Bobby Garner at that it makes more sense to learn the tactics of deception for onself and then when one is able to decipher and "see through" certain agendas which SEEM to be "for the good"...then to go out and share with others those tools that you used to avoid manipulation and brainwashing. We can't try to save the world all by ourselves. We must let others join us in uncovering the error of mortal mind.

Many movements sound well meaning and we all get caught up sometimes in the mystery and fascination of it all...I know I have. I believe the key to remaining grounded is to ask the Creator to give us wisdom so that we don't wander off the narrow path. We need to thoroughly investigate any group or ideology we want to take part in. I was communicating today with Bobby Garner and have his permission to share his logical response.

"Be aware, but not deeply involved. What works best for me is to look past all of the "issues" and don't be sidetracked by them. They are in my opinion designed to be appealing and important, but are in fact unimportant, because the resolution of them is part of the dialect to achieve the predetermined outcome. My advice is try to stay focused on the big picture and as the issues develop and pass by, notice how they fill in some of the detail.

I think divine guidance is important, but only in conjunction with good cognitive thought processes. I believe the True God will not violate our good sense, but will allow us to make mistakes and see the results of our error. It's up to us to make the necessary corrections. The world is following many gods, who allow nearly any thought or no thought at all. They are gods of error and they reward error such that no one ever sees the need for correction.
I would encourage you to visit Bobby's website at the link above and the "activism concerns" at my blog

When we learn the tools of deception, we can no longer be deceived and taken advantage of.

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