Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suffering And Violence in the Media

The following excerpt is from Christian Science and the Threat of Mind Control by Ann Beals

" Because the public is growing insensitive from witnessing so much suffering and pain through the media, the media tries to reach its audience now through greater and greater shock treatments, impressing every kind of vile and brutal images on the concious and subconcious mind. These mental images enter the mind before it can put up a defense, and then they accumulate within to form a very dark and disturbing inner self.

If we are mesmerized by this image of life and accept it into our conciousness, we then image it forth into our own lives in varying degress of discord. When such negative emotions and mental images become the norm for our life and we dwell on the illusion long enough, we become convinced that it is not only real, but powerful - more powerful than God.



  1. Our consciences are trapped in the madness of sado masochism that has taxpayer funding of brutal "sports" and adversarialism live in fascist AMERKA. It is a game mentality that drives the deceived to vote for lying profiteer shill "Leadership". All because we wil not turn off the "free" media feed. We are fed a steady diet of hype, hysteria and horror that is paralyzing the polarized.

  2. Thankyou for your insightful comment. The ironic part of this is that we actually pay to have this fed to us. We pay for the TVs and we pay for the service that send it to our homes. We are actually spending our hard earned money to be brainwashed.

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