Friday, October 16, 2009


"Although those who are taught hypnosis, are warned against using it for malicious purposes, we would be naive to think that this caution is always observed in a society where power and control have become the motive and goal of so many." Ann Beals

Today hypnotism surrounds and bombards us through propaganda, conversational hypnosis, television, guided meditation, self hypnosis, political speeches,psychiatrists, relaxation tapes, govt mind control projects...etc.
Essentially when we go into any form of hypnotic trance, we are momentarily disconnecting ourselves from our source (God) and placing ourselves under another person's will or influence. To top it all off, we have been brainwashed to accept hypnosis as a normal harmless activity that can be used for anything under the sun. It is being touted as a panacea. One is now considered progressive if he consents to hypnosis.

I'd like to include one more quote by Ann Beals. "Hypnosis has no factual or principled foundation. It is purely the power of suggestion. But the susceptibility of the human mind to suggestion put forth fraudulently or secretly, has led to widespread mental manipulation and control. Soft mind control is the most common use of hypnosis, and it would be the least harmful except that it affects an entire nation, and apparently can shape the thoughts and behavior of millions."

I suggest that instead of submitting ourselves to the growing practice of hypnotism....disguised in its many different forms...that we should learn the methods used so we can be alert to it's presence and resist it. Hypnotism is being heavily promoted for a reason.

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