Thursday, October 15, 2009


Breanne Russell and Timothy Grey....."Producers of Under The Eightball"

Last night I had the privilege of watching one of the first screenings of the movie "Under The Eightball . See this link for a trailer to the movie and to sign up for the latest news as to where this movie will be playing next.

Chronic Disease is rapidly spreading through the world. We hear of a new condition almost every day, usually along with symptomatic treatments already waiting in the wings. Under The Eightball speaks to this disturbing trend and offers documents and interviews from experts, with explanations as to where these diseases may be coming from. To give you a hint, pharmaceutical companies often create a market for a drug which has already been developed.

This movie is intense and not for the faint of heart. This movie will shake you up and wake you up. It's about time that someone had the guts to expose...not only what the corporations are up to but more importantly that the drug companies, the insurance companies and other healthcare corporations are meshed with our own government. They have become the same entity. This type of system is called Fascism. This means that because these entities are tied together we can no longer trust any of them. The many innocent employees that work for this system...also need to be educated as to what is going on.

After seeing this disturbing but yet enlightening and necessary movie, you will begin to understand why we do NOT want government run healthcare. The corporations will still be in control only they will dressed in different clothes. Don't let certain new documentaries convince you that the corporations are separate from the government and that therefore you need to push for more government run healthcare in order to mend our broken healthcare system. The government/corporations have intentionally caused this horrendous mess that we are currently embroiled in. Why on earth would we want to turn to them for our salvation? It's called Problem-Reaction-Solution. See this link for an explanation of the tactics used which created our current manufactured healthcare crisis.

This movie is partially about a woman who dies from ALS, probably caused by the lyme disease microbe found in her blood. This woman is the sister of the producer of this movie. The emotions are raw and the story is tragic. The senselessness of this heartbreaking truelife experience so angered Timothy Grey that it propelled him into the mysterious, cloak and dagger world of Lyme disease. Believe me, Timothy Grey and his co-producer Breanne Russell will not rest until the world learns how it has been deceived.

This movie is not just about Lyme disease. It is about uncovering the lies and crimes against humanity AND about standing up for what is right. Sign up for their newsletter and help spread the word. Knowledge is power and uncovering the roots of evil....destroys it.


  1. This is nonsense. There is absolutely NO evidence to indicate that ALS is caused by the Lyme disease bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi.

    1. Only someone who didn't have Lyme misdiagnosed for years could say that. A pool of case studies that are growing in number contradict that soldout statement. Many different stressors can activate any bad gene (toxic, infectious, metabolic, etc.), Lyme being just one of several neurophilic infections that can activate a gene for ALS. What is more, Lyme it's self can create a neurotoxic condition that is ALS-like. ALS is a complex disease with all the components of multiple system dysregulation, just like late-diagnosed Lyme disease. Just because antibiotics alone cannot cure it (it takes a village of therapies) does not mean the underlying condition is not Lyme. Anything to the contrary is a political patty-cake that defies all scientific common sense. Thank you very much!

  2. If you read all the parts of this conference report at the link below, you will see that there is plenty of cause to question a relationship between ALS and Lyme disease

    Also google Lyme and ALS and you will find quite a bit of information linking the two entities.

  3. Anonymous must believe in the INfectious Disease Society of America as well.

    Most of the literature about lyme bacteria is unknown because of the IDSA. Yes, there is a connection between lyme bacteria and a many other diseases of "unknown etiology."

  4. The point is:

    With the post-mortem testing it was determined that Lori (the woman who passed away) had lyme.

    So, if current laboratory blood tests were accurate, they would have had this information before her death, and she could have been saved.

    Lyme MIMICS many diseases.
    So, LYME is misdiagnosed very often as other diseases and syndromes, including but not limited to ALS. As the poster above states.

    The bacteria can and does cause multi-system failures. The issue is that physicians fail to diagnose it correctly and INSTEAD misdiagnose with ALS etc.

  5. Fybromialgia?!?! chronic Fatigue?!? Sales of Lyrica have increased five fold for a disease that arrived shortly after Lyme "could not be definitively" diagnosed. How about chantix? How about vaccines that cause Guillen-Barre? Still trust the IDSA?

  6. What utter stupidity!! It is entirely possible that some people who have ALS can also get Lyme disease and conversely. However, to use this to support the claim that Lyme disease causes ALS, requires proof and is a huge leap of faith without any justification. Similarly, autopsy reports often indicate an individuals past medical history, e.g., that a person had Lyme disease. However, that does not mean that Lyme disease, which is a non-fatal, non-life-threatening disease-- was the cause of death.

  7. You could be right that a person can have Lyme and ALS however,you would have to know what causes ALS to say that. It is not true that people have not died from the Lyme Disease complex. Amanda Schmidt was the first CDC recognized lyme disease death....and many after her. There have also been miscarriages and still births where the fetus tested positive for Lyme. It may also be possible that the lyme germ needs a co-factor...such as mycoplasma fermentens (patented by the Army)to cause chronic disease and death.This needs more research but instead it is being covered up. You say "Lyme is a nonlethal, non- life threatening disease". Where have you been?

  8. You offer no proof to support any of the statements that you make. Because there is no proof, you then say there is a "cover up". Of what findings? You live in a world of "make believe".

  9. Here is proof that Lyme disease can persist past the IDSA treatment guidelines and of course there is real life examples all around us...While there is no proof that after 1 month of antibiotics a person is cured and or has an autoimmune disease if they still have the same symptoms.

    It appears that you have some sort of vested interest in this. Maybe you own a patent or work for a govt agency.You seem pretty hostile and sure of yourself. Where is the proof of what you say?
    Elise Brady Moe's case which she testified to at a Lyme hearing proves that Lyme can pass through the placenta and most likely cost the lives of a couple of her babies. Go to this link and scroll about half way down. There are many more examples

  10. I personally know 2 local people who were diagnosed with ALS. 2 years ago one of them was given 3 months (tops) to live he was so far gone. Top Boston hospitals diagnosed the both of them.

    They, the patients, researched further and were re-diagnosed with lyme by other Mds and are now improving with aggressive treatment (i.e. can walk now, couldn't before).

    The original doctors diagnosed them with what they thought to be ALS and lyme treatment has not only kept them alive, but significantly improved their health.

    Did they really have "ALS"? They were diagnosed with it by the best-of-the-best.

    Again: brings into question the causitive agent in ALS, at least in some patients, it points to lyme.

    They are anecdotal cases but they are very significant to these individuals very lives, and very significant to their families.

    Our medical system and individual physicians are doing a great many patients, not just lyme, a grave disservice.

  11. What you take as evidence is testimonial and hearsay. Obviously, you know nothing about how the scientific method and science works. It is futile to try to reason with you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of LLMDs and their followers making money off of Lyme disease. They offer NOTHING but false ideas and empty hopes, and thrive off the ignorance of people like you. Go in peace and believe what you will. I have said enough..........

  12. You ignore the evidence(medical studies) which I presented, that lyme can be persistent. This is basic to the fact that people die from Lyme disease. Are you really saying that no one has died from lyme disease or that it cannot be passed to other humans through various means?

    Because you have ignored the studies and real life experiences...this shows that you are a disinformation agent and you are diverting attention away from the evidence that needs to be investigated further.

    Looks like you have some practice or experience in this area.

  13. Controlled Opposition Groups are one of the main forces which seem to be preventing honest activists from realizing their goals. We need to educate ourselves to the tactics or methods used to derail our efforts.

    Many groups which seem to be legitimate have either been infiltrated or there are activism groups which have been intentionally formed from the beginning to divert attention away from the main issues and effective ways of trying to fix what is broken.This is not just a problem with lyme disease but it is a deception which has permeated society in general. This is why we need to sharpen our intuitive skills and learn all we can about the opposition.

    Lenin said something to the effect that if you want to control the must join them.

    See the link below for a bit of knowledge in this area

  14. Dear Anon- You said

    "Obviously, you know nothing about how the scientific method and science works. It is futile to try to reason with you. They offer NOTHING but false ideas and empty hopes, and thrive off the ignorance of people like you. Go in peace and believe what you will. "

    Could you please describe the clinical diagnostic procedure to identify ALS? Then please describe how that differs from the idea it may be caused by a bacteria. Because honestly, ALS is a bad guess, a junk-drawer for lazy doctors that would rather diagnose a fatal disease than say the words " I DON"T KNOW" You are defending a mythology. How about this, why don't you prove Bb Doesn't cause ALS, especially in patients with HLA-DR4... Good Luck with that!

    How can an idea be false? Thats a false claim and, I believe intended to invite people to question their own ideas. STOP IT

    ----C'mon ED you know science is based first and foremost on questioning...

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand"
    The false idea and empty hope farmer --- Albert Einstein