Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Mercury isn't the only toxic ingredient in vaccines and we must keep this in mind. If and when the mercury is removed from vaccines, the false assumption may be made that the vaccines are now safe. There is a movement to "GREEN OUR VACCINES". The general idea is that if certain ingredients are taken out then vaccines will be safe. The overall purpose of vaccines is to artificially alter the immune system. There is much evidence to conclude that this artificial manipulation of the human body has caused an epidemic of allergies, autoimmune diseases....autism...etc ....and the main culprit may not just be mercury....or even squalene. By injecting foreign DNA into our bodies from animals, microbes...etc, we could be genetically modifying the human race. Another possibility could be that anti-fertility agents could be added to the vaccines. Do we really trust the medical industrial complex enough to have our best interests at heart? For thousands of years humans have used the wisdom of nature to keep themselves healthy. Humans can never imitate the wisdom and balance of nature.
While the video below shows a powerful speech by Robert Kennedy Jr where he addresses vaccines and the mercury issue....please keep in mind that mercury is NOT the only vaccine issue we need to be aware of.

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