Monday, November 16, 2009


Global warming is being presented as fact when in reality the debate is still raging. The point I want to make here is that insects which carry disease can and have been genetically modified for different purposes. One of these purposes would be for biological warfare. Insects, including ticks and mosquitoes can be engineered to be able to withstand climatic variations.

Supposedly the ticks that carry Lyme disease (Ixodes scapularis) survive best in the shade with dampness. At first they were found in specific areas such as Connecticut and Wisconsin. They have appeared to spread south as well as north, inhabiting areas which are colder and hotter and drier than where they were originally found. I feel there needs to be more investigation and research into the idea that the ticks spreading lyme disease are populating the whole globe due to global warming. We need to question scientific ideas which we are supposed to accept on faith but which there is no concrete proof of.

Mikhail Gorbachev said that the environment is the cornerstone of the New World Order. In other words those who are planning this world government need us to agree and go along with them because there are more of us than there are of them. This is one reason propaganda was invented. People have been predicting that those in control will use fear of a dying world to get us to accept their goal...and we are seeing it progress in this direction. One of the next steps to look for is the U.N creating global environmental laws...along with a global tax.

Yes we have problems with the environment but the story is a bit different from what we've been told. I learned some new information this past week by reading The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith. This book is written by a former vegan and is a MUST read for anyone concerned over the rising feudalistic regime and the deterioration of our planet. Lierre Keith presents much food for thought in this ground breaking, brutally honest book. It has always been the agricultural societies ...instead of the hunter gatherers...which cause the ruin of the topsoil and the enslavement of the people. I highly recommend this book.

So...while you read the article below...just keep in mind what is written above


Climate change brings along new diseases

Malaria-carrying mosquitoes in South Korea, a deadly disease among salmon in Alaska and ticks that transmit Lyme disease in Sweden and Canada are all associated with rising temperatures.

Rie Jerichow 16/11/2009 16:00

There is growing evidence that ongoing deforestation, rising temperatures and unusual rainfall patterns have already expanded the risk of diseases being transmitted from animals and insects to humans. In Africa, bat-related outbreaks of deadly diseases such as Ebola are closely connected to the deforestation of rainforests, which has brought humans closer to infected bats, and as the world continues to warm, disease-carrying insects will shift their ranges to higher latitudes and elevations, Environment 360 reports.

For that reason, Malaria-carrying mosquitoes are now found in South Korea and the Papua New Guinea highlands, previously not warm enough for them, and ticks that transmit Lyme disease are now spreading northward into Sweden and Canada, once too cold for them, AP reports. Researchers say that rising water temperatures are also partly to blame for new threats to the fauna.

According to AP, the Giant Humboldt squid has now reached waters as far north as British Columbia, threatening fisheries along much of the western North American coast – and a microscopic parasite is spreading a deadly disease among salmon in Alaska and British Columbia.


  1. Even in UOS the theory of global warming as a cause of the spread of this disease was brought up.

    I live in Central NY where we have two seasons, winter and almost winter, so the concept of global warming is very difficult for me to accept.

    The engineering of bacteria and viruses is more plausable to me, good reason for government denial of the disease's existance.

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