Sunday, November 29, 2009


It appears as though our military men and women , along with the general population, are being experimented on. When vaccine injuries are reported to the government or the vaccine manufacturers, the public is not informed and most often the vaccine injury reports are ignored and or covered up. Injecting foreign DNA, formaldehyde, squalene, mercury and other toxic substances into the human not natural.

True immunity is gained through proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits and previous natural exposure to germs. When bacteria, viruses and toxins enter our bodies through natural routes.....respiration and digestion...there are natural mechanisms in place to deal with infections through these routes. It is highly suspected that while many who have been vaccinated do not have acute immediate reactions to vaccines......a large portion of the vaccinated seem to eventually aquire autoimmune disease. It is thought by some that vaccines dysregulate our immune systems, making them either hyperactive or underactive and very likely could be turning our immune systems against our own bodies.

The vaccine companies think that these conditions can never be traced back to the vaccines most of us have had as children. However, I'm sure there must be a way scientists can link our current pandemic of autoimmune degenerative diseases to vaccines. Is anyone trying to do this?
Please watch the video at the bottom link and see what is happening to our servicemen and women.The incident in the video below was reported on a couple of years ago but it still relevant today. Gorbachev told the Politburo back in the 80s, that their aim was to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep Are they disarming us by infiltration and vaccinations? Are they intentionally placing our National Guard troops overseas and making our servicemen sick with vaccines to make our country more vulnerable?

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