Saturday, December 26, 2009


By Marjorie Tietjen

In Today's modern world children are rarely with their families. We have preschool, daycare, time spent in elementary school and high school, afterschool activities, so called voluntary service, and free time spent with peers. Most often both parents are working. There doesn't seem to be much time left over for quality family interaction. Even when parents are present at sports activities, they are not interacting with their child. We are being conditioned to think that in order to be well rounded, our children need to be busy every moment, they should be entertained. We are told it's good for them to be in daycare...that they need to socialize with their peers. We let ourselves be fooled in order to have the lifestyle we are told is the American Dream. Are these materialistic aims really our goals or are we being socially manipulated by those who have something to gain by both parents working which results in the separation of parent and child?

Aaron Russo, who was a film producer, ran for governor of Nevada and who was a friend of Nick Rockefeller, shares with us, in a you tube interview clip, some of these goals expressed by the wealthy elite. It is those with the most money who form our desires and actions throught their manipulations of society. Nick Rockefeller asked Aaron Russo what he thought the women's movement was all about. Mr. Russo naively answered that he thought it was about the women's right to vote, equal pay, the right to pursue their own be emancipated. Aaron thought it was a good thing. Nick Rockefeller then said to him...."'re a fool." Aaron responded....."Why am I a fool?" Rockefeller informed him...."We the Rockefellers funded Women's Lib. Before women were in the work force we could only tax half the population. Now that women are working twice as many are being taxed and we have control over the children." It was also stated that the CIA funded MS. Magazine.

Other social issues, such as gay rights and the environmental movement....all use legitimate concerns, but these concerns are then taken advantage of by the global elite, to forward their own agendas.It used to be the role of the family to instill morals and values. This is now actually frowned upon. If your children are in the state school system,think about where your children now acquire their ideas of what really matters in life. Where is most of their time spent? Who or what do they see as their real allies? I was asked to donate to our local Youth and Family Services. Before I did so, I checked their website to see what they were all about. I found this link to Planned Parenthood on their website. When you view the video at the following link, think about what values are being promoted, what kind of guidance is being given? What is being suggested at the end? Is Love or responsibility ever mentioned? The title of the video is So How Does Pregnancy Happen?

The book Brave New Schools by Berit Kjos, shares an excerpt from the report "Outcome Based Education by Jeannie Georges. I would like to include it here......

"Kids are being told there is no meaning to life. There is no right; no wrong. They are to make their own decisions based on feelings and whims, and-if the parent interferes or restrains the child or attempts to discipline the child - children are to turn the parent in to the state for mental or pshychological abuse.

Parents find it much more difficult to discipline and teach their children. After all, why should the child obey the parent and spell words correctly when the teacher gives them high marks for "creative" and/or inventive spelling? Why obey when the parent can be thrown in jail for disciplining his own child? They teach there is no right way to spell a word; no right way to pronounce it; no meaning in it; no absolutes. Life becomes meaningless......

This process is being implemented for the disorganization of mind and behavior - or mental breakdown. What follows this despair is a total desolation with nothing left but mysticism. Those raised on mysticism and superstition are easy to lead ... easy to program.....easy to enslave."

" The change agents are, of course, well aware of this pain and confusion; they planned it. To them, this crisis, like so many others, is an essential step along the way. Each serious crisis creates a felt need. And each urgent need becomes an open door to a new that brings the paradigm shift closer to completion. But the frog doesn't even notice that the water is starting to steam."

Then there is the Prophecy of Rasur. One is led to think that this obviously modern tale is an ancient prophecy which will manifest in the near future. Robert Muller, former Secretary General of the U.N. feels that Peace will flow out of Mt Rasur which is located in Costa Rica. This is his dream. He has created Robert Muller Schools, which you may want to investigate into further . I feel The Prophecy Of Rasur....below....illustrates what is currently happening to our children. Notice how the children are separated from the parents and how the God of Rasur completely ignores the parents and speaks only to the children. Our schools claim separation of Church and State yet they are promoting paganism, earth worship, witchcraft...etc.

The Prophecy of Rasur
"One day, a long time ago, in the village of Quisar, all the children suddenly disappeared underground. The parents could not understand what was happening and became extremely worried. Faintly rising up from the earth below, they heard laughter and singing and knew that their children were safe. The children began to move and the parents followed their voices until they were stopped by a strong magnetic force at the base of Mt. Rasur. The Earth abruptly opened up and the children as well as a being of light, Rasur (the god of the indigenous children), appeared to the surprised parents. Rasur then spoke to the children, never once looking at the parents, and said,
"Dear children, the Great Spirit is in every animal, in every bird, butterfly, flower, insect, leaf and grass you see. The Great Spirit is also in you, the Creator's children. Please take care of the wonderful nature created by God and some day, from this mountain, you will see the birth of a civilization of peace spread to the entire world".

One more quote from Berit Kjos...."Deprived of the factual comprehension needed for moral, spiritual, and intellectual discernment, they cannot recognize deception. At the mercy of social revolutionaries, they are ready to embrace the New Age/neopagan view of "reality"....which has no basis in actual reality.

We all need to find the time to study the methods of manipulation being used against the family and society as a whole. The old cliche....Knowledge is Power...couldn't be more true concerning this subject. We are all being kept busy busy with mindless activities and with just trying to stay afloat economically. This is intentional. If "they" can keep us from thinking...then they have control. I suggest we all make a New Years resolution to learn more about the social manipulators and their tactics. The only way they can have control over our children and us is through deception. Don't let propaganda gradually water down your deeply held beliefs. Dissect much of what you hear and think if it really makes sense. Does it seem right and real or does it appear to be orchestrated? Let's ask God for guidance and discernment.

For starters, I highly recommend Brave New Schools by Berit Kjos and The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America by Charolette Iserbyt


  1. People need to become aware of what is going on. This has been quietly happening for a long time.

    I was so disgusted when my son's school decided no one could be the "best" and did away with class rankings. No one is encouraged to do their best, just trying is good enough, NOT!

    Many have recognized the problems in our schools and choose to homeschool. But the the government makes it more difficult to do that with more and more "requirements".

    Political views have been allowed into the education (indoctrination) of our children and then we pay big bucks to send them to college where the progressive viewpoint is even stronger.

    I was brought up with the three Rs and in a school system that recognized not everyone had the same ability to learn. Those more advanced were encouraged to do more and rewarded for it.

    Now classes are taught down to the level of the least able to learn, the brighter students are sometimes bored, not challanged, or choose to act dumb to fit in with the rest...

    How do we change this? When will more people wake up?

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