Thursday, January 28, 2010


How many of you ever recall being told by your dentist or other mainstream healthcare provider/media, that the strength and resistance of your teeth to disease depends on the quality of the food you eat? Yes, we are told not to eat too much sugar but that is usually as far as the advice goes.Those in the dental in the medical profession, are not being educated concerning what foods make us resistant to disease, including tooth decay. The modern medical model does not include true prevention. Unfortunately the current medical system focuses attention AWAY from the causes so that money can be made on the treatment of the symptoms of disease.

New names for diseases and conditions...which are most often symptoms of malnutrtion... are created almost every day by the drug companies....and of course there is always a new drug ready to treat those symptoms. If we think carefully about this we would realize that the drugs do not cure the underlying deficiences...but only mask the problem. In the meantime the drugs are allowing the main underlying cause to create more havoc in the body. Even if the underlying cause appears to be a microbe, there is a reason why your body is not keeping the particular microbe population under control. Having been personally involved with Lyme disease for 21 years, I have become a keen observer of this process of treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Dr. Weston A. Price was a dentist who travelled around the world during the 1930s to try and understand what caused poor dental health. In his dental practice he had been observing very poor oral conditions, which included much tooth decay, malformations of the face and jaw....and other bodily deformities and infectious disease. It is a common saying that the health of the oral cavity is an indication of overall body health.In fact when people are buying animals, they first look in its mouth to determine whether they should purchase it or not. This was even an important factor in the slave trade. Dr. Price compared the people in a given area who ate their native unprocesssed foods to those who lived near the trading posts and were now consuming pasteurized milk,jams, white flour products and other sugary confections. He consistently found that diet determined the health, longevity and happiness of the people. He took hundreds of pictures documenting these findings. They are available in his very valuable classic book  "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration." This book is a must read in helping us to cure the many varied ills of the world....including crime. Dr. Price found that those in the outlying areas who ate their natural foods and prepared them properly, according to traditional ways, had no need for doctors because the people were rarely sick and there were no jails in these areas because there were no criminals. Dr. Price shows photos of the cranial malformations of criminals... who were found near the cities and trading posts and consumed the denatured moderized foods. We may even want to consider thinking of  many criminals as victims of poor maternal nutrition and of their own poor diets. After reading Dr. Price's book and studying the many photos, I have begun to notice the skull and or facial characteristics of certain politicians, criminals and impoverished people. I definitely see a general trend.  It is easy to imagine how brain and skull development can affect personality and intelligence AND it has been proven that diet directly affects this development.

Wouldn't it be exciting to discover that avoiding certain foods and including foods such as grassfed liver and other organ meats, raw certified  milk from grassfed cows, bone broths, cheese, butter, shellfish,cod liver oil etc , could prevent and cure tooth decay? These were the findings of Dr. Weston Price. Rami Nagel, who wrote Cure Tooth Decay, and who has studied the works of Weston Price and the groundbreaking works of other dental researchers, has practiced these guidelines in his own life and has found them to be very effective. At the link below you will find a very informative interview with Mr. Nagle. You don't want to miss it. It could change your life. Also don't forget to read Nagle's book and Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price



  1. Raw milk scares me so I won't drink it anymore. Dr. Klinghardt says it can contain borrelia and why wouldn't it? I called a raw dairy that supplies my health food store and they don't test for borrelia nor did they even know what borrelia was. My LLND says it only takes one tick bite to ruin a batch of milk.

  2. Lida Mattman supposedly said that she found live spirochetes in pasteurized milk off the store shelf.What I heard was that normal pasteurization temps are not high enough to kill them.However, it was said that ultra pasteurization in the organic milks should be high enough. The problem that the more damage you do to the food...the less food value it has and as a result we do not get the immune protective qualities of the undamaged food.


    I was concerned about this issue so I called a rearcher/professor at UCONN who specializes in animal husbandry and I believe also biowarfare. She also has Lyme. Her response was that our stomach acid was sufficient to disable the lyme spirochete. She gave some other reasons as to why she would still drink raw milk but I don't remember the details.

    Of course it matters as to how healthy the cows are and what diet they are eating. I would never drink raw milk from a factory farm cow. Their health is not good so they can't pass on immune protective qualities.Heat treated milk and homogenized milk is very allergenic and many people cannot digest it properly due to the destruction of certain enzymes.

    It is certainly a personal choice as to whether one drinks farm fresh milk, or heat treated milk or no milk at all....however, I have heard testimonies as to how people were cured or have improved..with Lyme....when drinking the untreated milk. I haven't heard of anyone saying....yet...that drinking raw milk gave them Lyme.

    I have been drinking raw milk for about three years now. It comes from a certified dairy and the cows are fed mostly grass...their native diet.I am feeling better than I ever have, which may or may not be due to drinking milk that hasn't been tampered with.

    We don't know for sure how all of this works....but I think that if we do away with every live food that has health and immune strengthening properties...then our immune systems will not be able to fend off diseases such as Lyme. This could be a big part of our chronic illness probem. Evidently many people's immune systems are functioning better than those who have chronic lyme. These people may harbor the lyme spirochete but are not sick from it.

    It could be that they inherited stronger constitutions and /or they eat a better diet.

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