Wednesday, March 3, 2010


People used to highly prize the fat of animals fed their natural diet of grass....for increasing the flavor AND the nutrients of the meat. What happened? Why are we now told that animal fat is bad for us? Part of this may be due to the inhumane and unhealthy methods used to raise cattle on today's factory farms....but much of the misinformation concerning animal fat has to do with money and politics.

The benefits of fat from grassfed meat are listed below and are from an article by Stanley A. Fishman, Author of "Tender Grassfed Meat". The title of the article is "Bringing Back the FatCap-Restoring The Fat of the Land. If we want to improve our immune systems so we can resist infectious and chronic degenerative disease, we must begin questioning the nutritional advice given to us through the mainstream media and government agenices. We need to go back to trusting food the way nature created it....back to the time tested traditional ways of our ancestors.

"One of my goals is to bring back the fat cap. The health benefits of fat from grassfed animals are huge. The omega-3s, CLA, and co-factors in grassfed animal fat provide the following benefits:

• Crucial nutrients such as vitamins A, D, and K in an easily assimilated form

• Many other minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids (EFAs), all easily assimilated

• The proper balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids

• Increase the metabolic rate

• Increase muscle mass while reducing fat

• Decrease abdominal fat

• Strengthen the immune system

• Reduce the risk of cancer

• Reduce the risk of heart disease

• Reduce the risk of diabetes

• Reduce the risk of hyperthyroidism

• Slow the aging process

• Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s

• Preserve and promote normal brain function

• And many other health benefits"

See the link below for the whole article concerning the benefits of the fat from animals which are grass-fed

I have  been buying grass-fed meat products from Wellness Meats for about a year now. I feel they are a responsible company and I have become an affiliate. If you are interested in seeing what types of products they have, please visit the link in the side bar with the pictures of the cows

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