Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crowned With Light That Cannot Fade

From The Christian Science Hymnal

Let us sing of Easter gladness

That rejoices every day

Sing of hope and faith uplifted

Love has rolled the stone away

Lo the promise and fulfillment

Lo, the man whom God hath made

Seen in glory of an Easter

Crowned with light that cannot fade

When we touch Truth's healing garment

And behold Life's purity,

When we find in Love the refuge

That is man's security,

When we turn from earth to Spirit,

And from self have won release,

Then we see the risen Savior;

Then we know his promised peace.

Living meekly as the Master,

Who of God was glorified,

Looking ever to the radiance

Of his wondrous Eastertide

Freed of fear, of pain, and sorrow,

Giving God the honor due,

Every day will be an Easter

Filled with benedictions new.

An Easter Healing

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