Friday, April 23, 2010


 The Infectious Disease Society of America is considered by its members and much of the be an honorable organization, which hopefully takes the health of the public seriously.Many doctors follow the guidelines of this institution and trust its judgement. The IDSA is under a heavy responsibility to give proper advice which "does no harm". Does the IDSA take this responsibility seriously? You be the judge.

When medical societies make decisions, which have the potential to affect millions, they should be able to back up their claims with at least some sort of evidence, proof or substance.However, the IDSA doesn't seem to realize this point. The IDSA claims that Lyme disease is totally cured with 2 to 4 weeks of antibiotics. What criteria is used to determine when lyme disease is "cured"? Is there a perfect test which can tell us a patient's spirochetes are totally eliminated from his body? Is there a test which can identify the over 300 different strains of borrelia burgdorferi?

A single tick can carry many different strains of a microbe and or different types of coinfections, such as babesia, bartonella, mycoplasma, erlichia....and more.The lyme microbe is also pleomorphic. This means the germ can change shape or form.  Different forms of the disease seem to be susceptible to different antibiotics and available testing does not identify the different forms.Because of this growing complexity, often different antibiotics must be tried on a patient, if one type doesn't appear to be working. A patient often harbors more than one pathogen. Sometimes antimalarials, antifungals and antivirals also need to be implemented. Does the Infectious Disease Society of America take any of this into consideration? Their approach seems to be a one size fits all solution. Here is an important link to studies which show that Lyme disease can persist despite what the IDSA claims is "adequate" treatment.

Doctors who treat their Lyme patients using clinical judgement and using lyme testing as only an adjunct, follow their patients progress on antibiotics or other appropriate medicines. They observe the patient's reactions to antibiotics. If there is an expected herxheimer reaction ( a temporary worsening of symtpoms), this indicates that the antibiotics are hitting the mark. If a patient has been misdiagnosed for years, they often need extended or open ended antibiotic treatment. Thousands of patients have had succesful outcomes with long term antibiotic treatment and many owe their lives to it. How can the IDSA discount all this clinical evidence when they have NO evidence to back up their position. The IDSA also ignores scientific papers which show that Lyme infection can persisit beyond 2 to 3 weeks of treatment.

The CT Attorney General has investigated the IDSA and found conflicts of interest. How deep do these conflicts run? The case for using long term antibiotics with chronically ill patients is so strong that it is absurd that the IDSA can make their claims with a straight face. If Big Pharma educates and finances our doctors, medical symposiums...etc how can we expect to have proper access to treatments which cure or keep patients from further deterioration? Witholding or terminating antibiotics...especially when a patient is improving but not yet well, is allowing a disease process to continue, which in turn creates a market for many many symptomatic drugs. I'm sure that this is just one of the nefarious and selfish goals behind this ludicrous controversey.

How intertwined are the government health agencies with the drug companies and such societies as the IDSA? Is there a revolving door between the CDC , the NIH, the IDSA, the drug companies..etc? Why is Lyme activism getting us nowhere? We need to dig the roots.

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  1. I feel the release of these guidelines were purposely delayed until passage of the healthcare bill. They will be used by HHS committee to determine what treatments can be used and what insurance, including those subsidised then taken over by the government, will pay. They will do nothing to allow Chronic Lyme to be treated as it still doesn't exist.

    My biggest fear is they will also allow the government panel of experts to go after those physicians chosing to treat by symptoms and not tests...we are all in much more trouble if that is allowed to happen.

  2. Thank you for this article, Margie. Having testified at the IDSA Hearing on behalf of the worldwide Lyme patient community, I find your description of the revolving door to be the only answer as to why TRUTH does not prevail. Lyme disease patients have been forced into our coffins and the lids are being nailed shut, but we will continue to SHOUT the TRUTH about the corruption of the Lyme Medical Cartel until we take our last, gasping breath!!

  3. Thankyou Renee and Tina for your thoughts. I was watching The Strecker Memorandum the other day and he gave a good analogy concerning this situation. Some Lyme activists and doctors say to me....when I say we need to investigate the roots of the problem..."who cares what happened years back...we need to go forward and just treat people." My problem with this attitude is that if we don't address the source then the boat we are bailing out will eventually sink.

    Dr. Strecker gave this story as an example. ..A man was sleeping in his house and a lion came through the window. He was able to fight off the lion and the lion left. However, HE DIDN'T CLOSE THE WINDOW and the next night a tiger came in and ate him.