Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Transhumanism. Eugenics and the Psychopathic Personality

The video at the link below is crucial for all of humanity to see. It is not a pleasant subject to contemplate but transhumanism is a bonifide movement and is something that humanity needs to face before it's too late and we lose our humanity. Transhumanism stems from Eugenics...improving the race....only transhumanists want to interface the human brain with computors and essentially create artificial humans. Reading Brave New World will give you an idea of what is coming down the road and what is already here in terms of the transhumanist movement.

Most of us are playing into this plan by becoming so emeshed in technology that we have little time for real life.. I observe people...everywhere.....connected to their cell phones or Blackberries. Many are addicted. Technology is made to be very seductive, connected to glamor, intelligence and progressiveness. The appealing nature of technology is tempting us and leading us into an uncertain future. Even those who are at the helm of this movement cannot predict the many dangers inherent in meshing humans with computors.It is thought that those who are looking at transhumanism as a means of control ...are members of the psychopathic community.....the politicians....those who want to rule others without compassion or empathy.

If people want to improve humanity...why not do it in a safe, healthy and natural way. The food we eat determines the health and morality of future generations. Bodies which are not fed traditional foods, prepared in the proper manner, cannot have healthy bodies OR healthy MINDS. We need to take back control of our food supply and learn from past cultures as to what they ate and how they prepared it. Certain tribes were very serious about nutrition, especially what they fed mothers to be....and the fathers too. They knew if they didn't eat the special foods that created robust healthy children...that they would be overtaken by the stronger tribes. It was a matter of health, happiness and survival. Today with the poor health humans exhibit due to our devitalized foods, modern medicine is keeping us alive but this is a stopgap measure...a bandaid . We are falling apart...physically and mentally. No wonder we are in such a mess...and its even almost understandable that some people are involved with the transhumanism movement because they discern that things need to improve but they only see technology as the answer. We need to find our way back to the humanity we have lost already. What ever happened to stressing the dignity and humaneness and potential of humans the way God made us? The book Deep Nutrition is one of my top favorite books on nutriton and is vital in understanding how we can create a better world. Please read my review at the link below


DEEP NUTRITION : Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foods      http://lymesentinel.blogspot.com/2010/03/deep-nutrition-why-your-genes-need.html

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