Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A reader responds to my post about Lyme disease and the collusion between the medical system and government. Here are some of the reasons why the governemnt wants more control of our healthcare and probably why people like Michael Moore are encourgaing this profitable system

Here's how government's control of medicine is used to make medicine really profitable:

1. You can enact laws to force people to submit to "healthcare" like vaccines that actually makes them SICKER because CHRONIC DISEASE is more profitable than the health problems that humans used to have which were infections from wounds and things caused by poor hygiene.

2. You can keep anyone from practicing herbal or natural medicine which is less costly than the crazy stuff used these days.

3. You can convince the public that it is not the fact that they are being bombarded with pollution and hazardous chemicals and their food source has been virtually stripped of all nutrients that makes them ill---no, their illnesses are caused by things like cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. which require pills.

4. You can rig the food system to sell more fertilizer which actually produces non-nutritional plants and strips the soil of the nutrients that humans actually need. You can fire people at the FDA that are trying to make sure that food is nutritious.

5. You can create agencies to do research with the people's money and then steal that to use in your own pharma or chemical companies.

6. You can have those same government agencies put the seal of approval on the research without it being actually VALIDATED if it benefits your companies.

7. You can convince the people to ingest something that will shorten their lives by creating plaques in their blood vessels and brains by telling them that this chemical (fluoride) strengthens their teeth even though there is no truth to that assertion as the Chinese, Brazilians and Russians have now discovered from their own independent research.

8. You can create another fluorine-based chemical that binds to some of the fluoride in people's system initially making them feel better because it releases some of their own HORMONES to their body, but which ultimately makes them addicted to it while it deprives them of ambition, desire and other natural emotions...and USE YOUR CONTROLLED MEDIA TO SELL THIS SUBSTANCE AS A MIRACLE CURE WHEN THE TRUTH IS THAT TAKING FLUORIDE OUT OF THE BODY WILL HEAL MUCH OF THE DEPRESSION IN THIS COUNTRY.

9. You can sell drugs to counter the effect of the drugs that you sold to ameliorate the effects of the things that you put into the soil, air, food and water or took out of the soil via agri-business.

10. You can write the rules for doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists to make sure that they toe the line by selling your pharma, treating all illnesses as though they require a pill instead of better food and cleaner water. You can write the tests to admit doctors to the fold and remove the LICENSES of those that don't obey your rules and sell your stuff.

11. You can control the research monies by having your cronies appointed to the boards that give the grants in government and shut out any doctors or scientists that don't subscribe to the PILL THEORY OF ILLNESS or who don't love vaccines.

These are only a few things that a close relationship between medicine and government affect healthcare. I could go on and on and you would begin to see just how insidious this situation is.

Most people in this country could be made healthy simply by:

Stopping the practice of using nitrogenous fertilizers to grow vegetables and using organic nutrition on the soil instead. The crops would be bigger and healthier and the use of pesticide would NOT BE REQUIRED because healthy plants can fight off bugs pretty well.

Permit many of the very effective practices that have been hidden from the agricultural community to be publicized by a truly free media so that farmers can begin growing crops in a healthier cheaper manner and producing GOOD NUTRITIOUS FOOD WHILE REPAIRING THE SOIL.

Getting rid of the many pesticides now endangering our lives in this country. This includes organophosphates which the Russians used to use to assassinate people.

Focus on putting farms back into the hands of family farmers and getting state governments to buy local.

HALTING THE PRACTICE OF VACCINATION UNTIL AND UNLESS IT CAN BE DEMONSTRATED TO ACTUALLY WORK. There have not been any careful studies of vaccination efficacy since the practice began. It never cured polio (it was just renamed) and the aluminum in it is very dangerous to people

Outlaw the use of fluoride in water systems and in toothpaste. THOSE OF YOU WHO DO THE RESEARCH AND FIND OUT JUST HOW DANGEROUS FLUORIDE IS--PLEASE WRITE TO THE CEOs of the toothpaste companies and demand that it be taken out. Write to your city councils and demand that they stop dumping pesticide by-products into the water because that is what the fluoride in water systems is.

Get water systems to begin flushing water through zeolite filters to remove heavy metals and then carbon filters to remove volatile organic carbons. This would clean many bad things out of the water

Require that copper piping be used in housing instead of plastics. Not only is copper a required nutrient, but the pipes don't leach petro-crap into the soil and it would reduce the use of oil for this purpose.

There is a lot more that I could say, but I have a lot of things to do. I encourage everybody to do the research and find out that the current medical system is geared towards making people chronically ill. (Reformation.org, the books of Emmanuel Josephson) Discover that fluoride was used by the NAZIs to keep their prisoners docile. It also makes rats infertile after three generations. It is a number one cause of many of the health problems that people in their 40s and 50s develop in this country...as are vaccines.

Vaccines are the number one cause of the behavioral issues besetting the youth of this country.

Madame Karnack

If this article concerns you, you may also be interested in reading.... Politics in Healing: The Suppression & Manipulation of American Medicine Another book I highly recommend is Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food This book is one of my top 5 nutrition favorites. If we all would follow the advice in this book and in another book...Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price http://www.ppnf.org/ , we just may be able to turn society around. We need natural traditional foods in order to produce a robust,healthy,happy and humane human race. Brains which are not formed or developed correctly....will not act appropriately.


  1. Glad to see this post. The government solution to healthcare is all about the money not about better health. It is also about control, those who dare to think differently will be run out of the profession. Alternative treatments might have to go underground.

    While working in the medical field I was apalled at how drug oriented medicine is, there is a magic pill for everything yet people are still sick?

    Just saw another article from Quackwatch, which I follow just to see what he is up to, that stated diet changes do not help arthritis....who is paying him off?

    I hated having to deal with drug reps promoting their wares with their "research" done by the manufacturer of the drug showing what a miracle this new drug was when in reality it was just a new and "improved" formulation of a drug whose patent had just run out. Improved meaning adding another chemical to it to slightly change the chemical structure so it could be patented as something new to make money, not that it would work better for the patient.

    Government is in bed with big Pharma...we have trained our society that meds make things all better, very difficult to overcome.

  2. I have a question Renee that maybe you can answer.If the insurance companies operated on their own and had no drug company affiliations, you would think they would encourage getting to the root cause of illness...so they would save money.

    I was puzzled by the fact that insurance companies were not letting lyme disease....and other diseases...be treated for their root cause early enough and with strong enough antibiotics or other helpful treatments. This often prevents long term complications which the insurance companies would have to pay for.The longer an untreated infection goes untreated..the more symptoms it causes and more expense.

    I asked a former drug rep if the insurance companies were somehow connected to the drug companies. Perhaps they have vested interests in the drug companies and make more money off of all the symptomatic treatments that the drug companies peddle. She said that yes definitely the two are connected. Another executive in the drug industry told me that insurance companies often have a form of their own drug companies. Does anyone know if this is true?

  3. I briefly worked for an HMO as a utilization review nurse...found I didn't have the stomach for it, goal was to deny treatment as much as possible for whatever picky reason. Deny in-hospital payment, had to find three diagnosis codes that applied to the patient to justify hospitalization no matter what the treating provider said. Had to call the admitting provider to tell them the patient should be discharged because they didn't meet the HMO criteria for hospitalization....All this done without being able to actually SEE the patient.

    PCPs also received bonuses for NOT referring patients to specialists so I wouldn't be surprised if they were in bed with pharmaceutical companies BUT I have no proof of that.

    I do know they all have "preferred" drug formularies but do not know exactly how or why a drug becomes the "preferred" one.

    I do not think the goal of the managed care insurance industry was to benefit the patient or to promote health. It is about saving money just as the new government health plan will prove to be.

    As for Lyme not being recognized early...problem is that insurance companies use approved standards of care and they have chosen the IDSA guidelines as their guidelines, again do not have proof as to why but they are the generally accepted medical guidelines used by most providers, unfortunately.

    You would think they would realize it would cost less to treat early BUT how many are paying for the care of us with Late Stage Lyme? I really don't think they realize many of the other chronic diseases they are paying for just might be Lyme related. They just aren't that smart!