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I have been living in Pensacola Fla since 1992. There is an awful mess on part of our beaches. Yes it does smell bad. Once you leave the beach you do not smell anything. I do not smell anything in the suburbs. It has rained several times. No it is not raining oil. My vegetables and garden are fine. The birds and squirrels are moving around as usual. I understand that this can worsen with a Hurricane. I am reading information on UN vehicles in some forest in Jacksonsville. Someone has already debunked that. I live near a bas NAS and they have not evacuated their dependants. As far as Methane gas (natural gas) causing an explosion I don't know. I can just go by my basic chemistry class which states that a gas will evaporate. People are saying that it's raining oil but it's not in Pensacola. It is true there is alot of loss of wild life. The price of shrimp and seafood has gone up. We do have fresh water fish. No I haven't seen FEMA, Feds, or troops. I am on the lookout and will let you guys know. In the mean time some of the things you hear are exaggerations. Parts of the beaches are open such as in Navarre and Destin.


I also live in Pensacola and back up everything the First poster reported. I live in a rural suburb north of town and have not been to the beach but family members have and co-workers working on the beach have not reported any oil smell.

One co-worked that lives on the sound in Gulf Breeze did report that he has been seeing a lot of Gulf sea life in the sound that has never seen before i.e. Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Stingrays and more Sharks than usual.

I question the reports of Panama City people having problems. Pensacola has been affected by the oil many days before it got there.

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