Tuesday, September 14, 2010


                                    Walking Barefoot Has Many Health Benefits

       Traveling the road through chronic illness and back to health, is rarely a quick process. Vibrant health and a joyous sense of wellbeing is the result of obeying nature's laws. We are intricately intertwined with the natural environment and the further we distance ourselves from it, the more consequences we suffer. Often what is presented to us as a new health discovery, is only a rediscovery or turning back to ancestral wisdom. Fermenting our foods, walking barefoot, eating more foods raw and unprocessed, spending time working and playing in the sunshine, listening to and making harmonious music, are just a sample of low tech healthy living that used to come naturally to everyone.

In our modern world technology has given us many benefits...but at what price? Many are becoming very concerned....and rightly so....about the ever increasing electromagnetic smog we are immersed in. Humans and other life on earth is meant to live and thrive within a matrix of natural balanced frequencies. We really have no understanding of how the cell phone electromagnetic frequencies (EMFS), radio waves, military frequencies...etc...interact with the frequencies of the human body. A growing number of people are becoming extremely sensitive to these unnatural frequencies. Recently I read a book called "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? The simplicity of its main concept has captured my attention and continues to fascinate me. This book puts forth the idea that shoes with plastic or rubber soles are a main cause of ill health. They insulate us from the earth's protective energy. So...what is the solution? Part of the solution is to go barefoot as often as possible and or buy shoes with natural minimal soles which conduct negative (helpful) electrons to and through your body. Can't get much simpler and cheaper than that.

                                You are also grounded when swimming

I'd like to share with you several paragraphs from the book which mention the shielding from EMFS which occurs when grounding the body.

" Now imagine that you are grounded. If your body is somehow coupled to the earth, no matter where you are, you are at the electric potential of the ground. That means all of you, from head to foot. Your electric potential is zero and no positive charge can charge you up. You are a part of the ground. You are shielded from whatever happens in the atmosphere. If positive charges are present in your environment and "stick to you", the earth will provide the electrons to cancel the positive charges and maintain your electrical potential at the same level as it is! Zero Volts. If EMFS hit your body, their effect is cancelled by the electrons within your body, supplied by the ground. Nothing can change your electrical potential, except uncoupling yourself from the Earth.

Being grounded means your body's internal organs are shielded from any electrostatic or electromagnetic interference in the atmosphere. This provides for a very quiet electrical "milieu" inside the body where no external electric or magnetic fields can disrupt the internal functions maintaining homeostasis and health. This includes digestion, internal repairs, wound healing, and all metabolic activities. Keep in mind that all chemical or biochemical reactions are electrical in nature and so are susceptible to being disturbed by external electric and magnetic fields. Grounding prevents these disturbances. This is how living beings evolved on the Earth."

For the past several weeks I have been trying to spend at least an hour a day outside barefoot...either walking or reading with barefeet on the ground. It feels incredibly soothing to me and I'm a bit sad that colder weather is coming. I have just ordered all leather and sheepskin moccasins which supposedly do not block the beneficial negative ions from flowing into your body from the earth. I feel that this type of shoe has several benefits for our health. One benefit is the one I just mentioned and the other is the proper excercising of one's feet. Our ligaments , bones and muscles do not get the movement they need when we wear hard soled shoes. This can affect the strength of our ankles and feet and it can also affect the posture of our whole body. I have been walking barefoot periodically each day for about two months and I notice a huge difference in the stability of my sense of balance and of my ankles and feet. When I was recovering from a sprained ankle earlier this spring, the reflexology the physical therapist used on me produced amazing results. My quick recovery, due to the reflexology and foot excercise was one of the main factors that got me interested in all facets of this subject.

Reflexology also relates to this discussion. When we walk barefoot many important pressure points are being stimulated...especially when we walk on uneven ground. I bought a book on reflexology that has been very helpful......you can view the book and the interactive reflexology charts in the sidebar of this blog . So...when we don't have the opportunity to walk outside, for both the negative ion benefit and the stimulation of the foot through barefoot excercise, we can use reflexology and grounding or "earthing " technology. There are several very interesting videos in the sidebar which will tell you more about earthing and reflexology.

If you are interested in simple natural methods to help overcome chronic health problems, I would highly recommend this book.  Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

The authors do have a product they are selling but they also advocate just walking barefoot. The science of it all  makes sense to me. For my review of this book...go to this link http://tinyurl.com/35zu83j    The review briefly goes over 3 of the main benefits of earthing that have been validated by scientific testing

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