Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jessie Ventura and Lyme Disease on"Conspiracy Theory"

On October 15 at 10:00 PM, Jesse Ventura will be doing a show on Plum Island and Lyme disease. It will be aired on TRU TV and the show is Conspiracy Theory. However, I'm a bit disappointed that they appear to be focusing on Plum Island. While I think that Plum Island is part of the Lyme disease scenerio...I feel that past books and movies have done a disservice by focusing on Plum Island instead of also including other serious factors that are keeping Lyme disease interests, controlled opposition...etc. Hopefully Ventura will do a good job....but after all Tru TV is owned by Time how much can you really expect? I think in order to evaluate a show like this, we need to observe how they make the Lyme community appear and it is always important to observe what important facets are being left out. A movie or book can be 98% Truth but its often the other 2 % that was left out or misrepresented...that needs to be evaluated.

Just as an example, let's look at Michael Carroll's book....Lab 257. He mentioned Plum Island in connection with biowarfare but most of his book centered on sloppy maintenance and accidental spills...and perhaps not  much on government field testing and monitoring the field tests by long term studies of those afflicted. Halfway through the book I could see where Carrol was heading with his book. I thought to myself, it looks like he is going to advocate MORE government control over the island. As I read further I found out that I had guessed right. At a book signing I asked the author why...if we thought that the government may have played a role in the spread of Lyme disease....through studying and testing ticks in biowarfare experiments...then why would we want the government to have even more control?(Also think back to the Tuskegee experiment and the latest revelation of government experimentation on unwitting subjects with gonorrhea). Carroll thought that was a good question and he said that his reasoning was that the government has more money and therefore would take better care of the island. I don't think that answer really makes much sense.

So...let's watch Conspiracy Theory on October 15 and see what we think. The show may do some good...even if it's just to bring more attention to the subject of Lyme disease.

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  1. Every experiment has simply been ways to hide that its a fungus and they've done well. Doctors only study viral and bacterial and we need bacteria or food wont digest.