Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For over a month I have been conducting a poll on my blog which was asking people ....If you have an autoimmune disease....have you also ever been vaccinated. 52 people said that they had an autoimmune disease and that they HAD been vaccinated. One person said they had an autoimmune disease and had never been vaccinated. Most people have been vaccinated so I'm not sure if this poll can really bring us to any conclusions.It would seem like a good idea for doctors to keep some sort of record of health and disease in their vaccinated patients and in their unvaccinated patients....if there are any.

I posted the above results on a news website and this is a response I got....."I had a doctor in Wyoming tell me he never saw a case of cancer from anyone who wasn't vaccinated. He had given 2 kids a polio vaccine in the early 1950's when he first started practicing, & felt so bad when they both got polio that he never gave another vaccine to anyone!"
Any other experiences or anecdotes are welcome.

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  1. I have major autoimmune markers, and a plethora of autoimmune symptoms. This has forced me to have to go on disability at age 44. As far as vaccines, I was born in the mid-50's and of course I had them all. Even though I got the whooping cough vaccine (pertussis) I've had whooping cough as a child and as an adult. In my 30's I received an MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) shot since I had never had measles or mumps, as there was an epidemic of measles at Hartford Hospital and I didn't dare therefore bring my mom for some scheduled tests, and also the measles shot I'd had in first grade had long expired. The day after the shot my body rebelled. Every joint was wracked with pain from my neck to my knuckles, from ribs to ankles. I ended up having to go on steroids for a month. I was told not to ever get a live vaccine again. Believe me, I won't.

    Interestingly my brother, who is 5 years older than me, did NOT receive his full shcedule of shots as an infant since he was feverish and fussy after the first one (normal) and my mom felt so bad she never brought him back for the rest. The only disease he got was mumps and on one side only. He does not have autoimmune disease of any kind.

    On the other hand, one of his young classmates died of complications from measles...I think what Jenny McCarthy said about not innundating your child with these vaccines all at once makes a lot of sense.