Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 Subliminal messages are everywhere.TV, magazines, newspapers, billboards, meditation tapes, books...etc ...can all be used to try and influence and control us against our will.The techniques used are so pervasive that humanly it is almost impossible to be aware of them all and to resist them. Only through spiritual discernment can we avoid being manipulated.In order to stop the madness...or awaken from it...our main goal needs to be to express the Creator's Wisdom and Love. I'm not talking about a human,wimpy, possessive, selfish or ooey gooey Love...but a Wisdom and Love that sees through the material chaos to the Creator's spiritual harmonious reality. All of the sex , violence and disasters being paraded in front of us are for the purpose of distracting or separating us from the strength and power that comes from truly communing and listening to God.

Some of the subliminal messages out there are trying to persuade us that there is no God or Creator...and that we are gods...or the aliens are gods...or that the President or some other human figure will be our savior and save us from the seeming chaos. This sensual chaotic tsunami in what we call real similar to the message from the movie Wag the Dog...that what we think is real really a lie...or a misconception.Because we are part of Creation and the Creator is one with the Creation, then we must be part of the Creator...but we are not the Creator.

I have found that when I take the time to essence...tune into the Creator's wavelength...or Presence...that good ideas and harmonious experiences follow.When I get distracted and spend more time dwelling on the chaos,I am disconnecting myself from the Creator's realm of harmony and my life begins to express or reflect this chaos. With the chaos comes loss of discernment, power and peace. The world then reflects this state of inharmony the degree of the number of people allowing themselves to be distracted. We do need to be aware of what is going on in the world but we don't have to saturate ourselves with it.

The video below shows some of the subliminal ways we are distracted. One of the keys here is to minimize our exposure to TV and other forms of distraction from our true purpose.

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