Thursday, November 18, 2010


There are many causes for the general mental decline of our population..... flouride in the water supply, gluten and other food intolerances, bowel dysbiosis, poor diet in general, consuming unstable and heavily processed polyunsaturated fats,lack of quality saturated fats, overindulgence of carbohydrates and microbial infections....etc. The videos below center on Lyme disease as being one of the fundamental causes and or co-factors in autoimmune disease, cognitive problems and mental illness.

One wonders why we are so much more susceptible to microbes infecting the body and brain....than we used to be. Microbes have always been here so why are we having such an increase in problems now? Vaccines may play a negative role in lowering our body's resistance, despite the claim that vaccines supposedly increase our resistance to disease.Saturated fats make up a large portion of the the brain and brain blood barrier, which keeps foreign invaders out of the brain. Could saturated fats help form the integrity of our brain blood barrier...and a lack of these fats cause problems? Could modern dietray advice to reduce saturated fats be making us brain dead? Excess alcohol and  vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also cause a problem with this protective barrier. Perhaps the antimicrobial effects of saturated fats(including coconut oil) play a role in keeping microbes from being destructive. We can identify the microbes in our brains but we also need to think about how they got there ...past our body's defenses.
The material at the link below was written by Alzheimer/Lyme researcher...Judith Miklossy

Also, if you haven't already watched the videos about Alzheimer's, Brain function and Coconut Oil, you will want to go here

Three books that are very helpful in the treatment of Lyme disease are The Lyme Disease Solution
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