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We have been conditioned to think that we need governmental laws to oversee what we put into our bodies and to protect us from ourselves. Is this true freedom? I say it's not freedom at all.

It is my belief that most disease can be prevented through traditonal diets...properly prepared foods which have not been processed. Excellent nutrition is the only real answer. Since we have been eating processed foods, degenerative and infectious disease has become an overwhelming plague. If we don't begin using wise farming methods and growing our own food, our soil will be destroyed and famine and disease will be the result. Now that I've said that, let's go back to the prescription drug issue and why I feel prescription laws are more about power, money and control rather than for protecting the health of citizens.

Even though I believe that nutrition (Traditional diets )  is the best prevention, we have weakened our immune systems to such a degree that often we do need medical help, along with natural healing least as a stop gap measure until we can restore the robust health which is our natural birthright.The medical industry, which I am sure must have advocated for prescription laws to be enacted, has created this monstrous predicament we are now finding ourselves in. Let me give you an example of where I am going with this.

I am a Lyme disease patient who has been trying to get the word out concerning the lyme disease conspiracy and other related disease issues. I am going to share a story with you as an example of what we are facing. This story is what prompted me to write this post

Yesterday an old friend called me to tell me that her family was in crisis. Her son had called the police, telling the police that someone was trying to kill him. This fear was delusion and has resulted from the effects of Lyme disease on his brain..and possibly co-infections such as bartonellla may also be involved. The mother has had chronic Lyme disease (even though mainstream medicine states that there is no such condition). The father was misdiagnosed for 10 years with BiPolar disorder. It was finally discovered that he had Lyme disease and lengthy antibiotic treatment has restored him to normal. The son who was taken to a psychiatric unit at a hospital, notably known for opposing the obvious condition of Chronic Lyme disease, is suffering from the same symptoms his father had.

The son has tested positive for lyme several times. He was treated for only a month with antibiotics... on a couple of different occasions. Each time the antibiotics helped him but they were not enough and as a result the son continues to relapse. The son is unable to work because of this illness and therefore does not have private insurance and is dependant on the State. This severely limits his choice of doctors and the treatment which he will recieve. He will most likely be prescribed lithium or some other psychiatric drug which only treats the symptoms instead of treatng the cause. The father was put on lithium for 10 years for his false Bipolar diagnosis. Misdiagnosing Lyme disease for this length of time, allows the disease to progress under the surface, which ends up causing many symptoms and other disease conditions.The drug companies and possibly the insurance companies (who will pay for expensive cancer treatments but not for simple antibiotic treatment) do make billions on all of the symptomatic treatments given to patients when the underlying cause of disease is not treated. This son...a man who is 32 years has had his life ruined because of prescription drug laws. If antibiotics did not require a prescription, he would be well and functioning and a contributing member to society.

The criminally oriented hospital that this man has been put in, is the main force behind the NONtreatment of Lyme disease. The parents are distraught that he is in this hospital but this is where the police brought him. They are unable to get a doctor, who takes title 19 and who realizes that UNtreated or UNDERtreated Lyme disease and its coinfections can cause mental illness, to prescribe antibiotics.We are not even talking necessarily about heavy duty IV antibiotics but often inexpensive high dose oral antibiotics do help these people back to normal. We also hear much in the news about the dangers of antibiotics and how they are all becoming resistant. While some of this is true, I feel it is being exaggerated for the benefit of the drug companies and the increased sales of symptomatic drugs. Many Lyme patients do well on antibiotics as long as they also take probiotics. There are natural treatments for Lyme disease but so natural treatment seems to be a panacea.

Imagine what a frustrating experience this is for this man's parents. They know from experience and from testing that Lyme disease is causing their son's problems....yet they cannot get simple treatment to bring back his life to normal. How many suffering people are locked up in mental institutions due to lack of treatment for infectious disease? Current mainstream medical opinion states that the Lyme disease bacteria is always completely erradicated from the body with 3 to 4 weeks of antibiotics. Any remaining symptoms.....or if the patient has the same symptoms and hasn't begun to improve yet(due to the ingrained chronic nature of the disease) then the patient now automatically has a POST Lyme condition, not an active infection. Because testing for lyme disease is so inaccurate, there is no actual proof of this belief or opinion. Here is a collection of studies which show that Lyme disease can be a chronic relapsing disease and it can affect the brain, nervous system, and just about any other system of the body. See persistence files and symptoms

If we didn't have prescription drug laws that say we must have a doctor's prescription to be able to get any drugs we need then my friends and many others in the same situation could be well and healthy functioning adults. Our society is being disabled and one wonders if this is intentional.....for several reasons that we can speculate over.The medical system has directly and indirectly created the drug culture and substance abuse. This situation is held up as an example of why we need prescriptions to be able to buy drugs.This is an example of an entity causing a problem...expecting a certain reaction or negative situation and then offering their solution to the very problem they intentionally caused. The people are made to feel the solution was their idea and so they then clamor for it. The solution is always for the benefit of the entity or perpetrator....and not for the people.

David Moyer has experienced a similar situation with his son and has written a book about it and how nutrients do help to quell the symptoms of Bipolar Illness



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  1. Good post, Margie. This is why people are sending to other countries for antibiotics...this is why drug companies are getting fat on profits from drugs that may relieve symptoms but never eradicate the whole problem.