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What would be required for a totalitarian government to form and then thrive in a nation long spoiled by relative freedom? It would be known by those currently in control or by those steadily gaining control...that if they desired total control...then their attempts to take control would need to be camouflaged to prevent outright revolution. I will present a hypothesis and you can judge as to whether it fits or not.

A few years ago I wrote an article entitled Antidepressants: Motives Behind The Push  It talks about the dangers of antidepressants and why there is such a push to get most of the population taking them. As a lyme disease patient and advocate I have personally witnessed the obsessive push to convince those suffering from infectious disease that their symptoms are all in their head and that antidepressants will fix them up just fine. Aldous Huxley, in his book "Brave New World", foresaw a society where the population would be psychologically conditioned and numbed by a drug called soma. Please check out these soma quotes from Brave New World  Take time to compare the similarities between the scenerio in this book and what we are currently experiencing.

As most of you have probably noticed there is also an extensive push for vaccines.....but so far these vaccines have been mostly for the prevention of infectious disease. least that is what we are told. In recent years more and more researchers, doctors and citizens are questioning the real effectiveness of vaccines and the harm they may cause. Advertisements for vaccines are made to sound as if the corporations that make the vaccines and the government and medical industry that is promoting them...loves us and is concerned about our health. If we really think about that perception which is being foisted upon us we would realize how silly that notion really is. Governments and corporations are not people. They do not have a soul. They are huge bureaucratic machines which possess no feelings or compassion. of our basic questions would be......should we put our unwavering trust in this profit/power- driven machine...... when concerning our health and our very lives?

Let's take a closer look at the issue that prompted me to write this post today.I came across webpage that was announcing the need for behavioral vaccines. At first I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was talking about eliminating ADD, criminal behavior...etc...through behavioral vaccines. The Health Ranger even came out with a statement that "behavioral vaccines" were going to be used to chemically lobotomize our brains.  However, I reread the article by Dennis Embry and his concept of behavioral vaccines was this
"A behavioral vaccine is a repeated behavior—scientifically proven—that reduces or prevents morbidity (sickness) or reduces mortality (death). Hand washing is a simple example, which even prevents serious illnesses such as H1N1 Influenza. Infant car-safety seats or bike helmets are more sophisticated examples. Behavioral vaccines can have large public health, public safety and business or productivity effects at a very modest cost."

 So, evidently, the behavioral vaccines that Embry is speaking of ....are psychologically administered and not given through a needle. Despite the seeming misinterpretation of  Embry's behavioral vaccine solution, I still wonder about the true goals of vaccination. There are so many toxic ingredients in vaccines, such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum...diseased animal pus...etc...that it's obvious that vaccines do not bolster your immune system in  a healthy and natural manner. In fact, you could say that vaccines over-stress our bodies in an unnatural manner and may be hyperexciting the immune system. Hyperactive immune systems could cause allergies and autoimmune disease. I have been concerned that vaccines ...especially the HPV vaccine...may contain anti-fertility agents for population control. There is also speculation and evidence that childhood vaccinations may be the actual root cause behind the epidemic of ADD and other behavioral and cognitive problems in children.

To get back to the point of this post....which is....are vaccines being promoted to appear as if they are helping us but yet have other motives..... such as birth control, population control at the other end through the stressing of our immune systems and or introducing certain types of bacteria and viruses which may cause autoimmune disease, degenerative disease and death? It seems to me that the extreme push and the scare tactics being used to promote vaccines, for an ever increasing subset of the disproportionate to the marketing of other products. In other words...large amounts of money can be made selling other products so why such a huge emphasis on vaccinating everyone if it was just for profit and for no other reason? If the corporations and government were really concerned about our health, they would have stricter rules concerning food additives and other harmful junk foods. They would strongly discourage the use of sugar which is one of our main causes of infectious disease. Sugar lowers the function of our white blood cells which are the cells that protect us from infection. Have you noticed that  everyone who carries the flu germ, for example, does not necessarily come down with the flu? It's the health or terrain of our body which determines whether or not we will become ill. Vaccines are NOT necessary for flu or illness prevention. In fact, they often cause the very disease they are supposed to prevent. We must take back responsibility for our health by learning about true nutrition. The best advice I have EVER come across and it's advice that makes the most sense to me......was the nutritional wisdom I found through Dr. Weston A Price

To try and sum things up.....just be aware that there may be other motives, besides disease prevention, behind our extensive vaccine programs, and that we each need to evaluate what we put in our bodies. How many people who get vaccines, know what they are injecting into themselves? Vaccines used to be forbidden for babies under 6 months because it was thought that their immune systems were not formed enough to handle the inherent insult to the body, now the hepatits vaccine is given immediately after birth! Pregnant mothers were NEVER advised to get vaccines...until very recently that is. Vaccines contain formaldehyde, aluminum, and toxic mercury. It is known that substances such as these can pass directly through the placenta to the fetus, which is why most drugs are discouraged in pregnancy. What has changed? Why are pregnant mothers now being pushed to get the flu vaccine?

People who are noticing the dangerous changes in our government try to warn others. Instead of becoming concerned as normal citizens should, many of those being warned simply change the subject and or act indifferently as if everything is "OK". Many people are either unaware, apathetic, frightened and or feel as if there is nothing they can do. Well...there is something we can do. We can educate ourselves in the tactics of deception and propaganda. These tactics are being used on us for a reason. Deception is necessary in order to control the people. So.....if we learn how to recognize this deception, we will be uncovering it and as a result it loses its power. Vaccines may not quite yet be a vehicle for mind numbing and societal obedience, however, it is one aspect, among the others, that we must consider.If the population is numbed and placated, they just may enjoy their servitude and not rebel.This was the idea of Aldous Huxley. Check out his interview below with Mike Wallace.
We are being told vaccines are for our own good and for the good of the whole....but are they really?

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  1. Variety of reasons, but a primary one is to externally manipulate human emotion and thought. Frequently the molecules in the vaccine are designed to get past the blood/brain barrier and install themselves in the hippocampus and amygdala. Once installed, microwaves and ultrasound can be directed at the subject to externally induce emotion and/or thoughts.