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Yesterday I attended a social function where I learned a bit more about hospital politics. A friend, who is an anesthesiologist, was very concerned over the changes being made in the hospital where she has worked for many years.She wasn't specific about the changes but did say these changes were not in the best interests of the patient. I half jokingly responded saying that these changes were probably in the best interests of the corporations. Her eyes widened and she exclaimed just how "on target" I was. YES, she said....that was the exact inference that hospital management made clear to us. Then my friend proceeded
to relate to me one of her greatest concerns, one that she personally had to deal with......forced vaccinations of health care workers.

I was told about the Hospital Honor Rolls and how "entities/organizations confer Honor Roll status to hospitals who succeed in mandating that a large percentage of their health care workers get vaccinated. There are several very serious issues that need to be addressed and analyzed before this freedom stripping practice is carried any further. First of all , there are no long term studies, that have been made public, that show any evidence of long term safety. When the safety of vaccines is discussed, only short term side effects are mentioned. This tactic, used by the vaccine industry, is used to infer that there ARE NO long term side effects. Most people, after they themselves have been vaccinated or after they have vaccinated their children, often breathe a sigh of relief when they or their children show no immediate side effects. However, should the long term effects of vaccines on the immune system and on the brain, be our PRIMARY concern? The vaccine manufacturers are very aware that it is very difficult, if not impossible to correlate future chronic illnesses, such as autoimmune disease, with past vaccinations. Why is there never any serious mention of this crucial issue by mainstream medicine?

Let's take a look at the immunity issue. You must have noticed that our population consists of several different classes of people who carry germs. Healthy people carry germs. Vaccinated people carry germs also. Then of course sick people carry germs. In fact, everyone carries germs and has the potential to pass these microbes on to others. Why do some people remain healthy while others succumb to disease, when they are exposed to the same germs? The answer lies in the individual's innate immunity....the ability of their body to fight off disease. What then determines a person's natural innate immunity? Heredity may play a role but the main determining factors lie in how we take care of our bodies. Injecting foreign animal DNA, viruses, bacteria and chemical toxins directly into our bloodstream, is not the answer. Diet, exercise, proper rest and stress reduction, reduction of exposure to environmental toxins(such as those found in vaccines), and healthy exposure to sunlight are the prime disease fighting components of a truly healthy person. There is a very strong concern that vaccinations are negatively hyper- activating the immune systems of many people and that this may be one of the explanations for our growing pandemic of autoimmune illnesses.

The theory of vaccination says that when we are vaccinated, we are still harboring (in the case of hospital workers) flu germs but that the drugs and chemicals we were just injected with supposedly prevent the germs from entering our cells and making us sick. The vaccinated person and the unvaccinated healthy person can still have flu germs and can pass them on to others. Getting vaccinated does not eliminate the flu germ from a person's body.A person who has the outward symptoms of disease, such as coughing and sneezing may be able to pass on the germs a bit more readily than than healthy people...but the people who are affected by the flu are more readily detected and aware of the illness being present so they are more likely than the vaccinated or healthy quarantine themselves by staying home or away from patients or by wearing a mask, gloves...etc. So...the very basis of vaccinating health care workers to prevent the illness of patients, needs to be strictly and thoroughly questioned.
                                          FERMENTED FOODS FOR IMMUNITY
Vaccines are a dangerous violation of our body's natural immune integrity. Injections of foreign materials, (such as animal products, microbes, and toxic chemicals) directly into the bloodstream, bypasses our natural defenses to these germs. If you are a hospital administrator and you want your hospital to truly be on the cutting edge...the humane progressive cutting edge....then please check out the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation  and study the information found there. Read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A Price and learn how diet can enhance our true immunity and prevent disease of all kinds...not just the flu. However, don't be frightened away, thinking that if everyone is healthy then the hospitals will have less business and will go bankrupt. I doubt that this will happen anytime soon, since poor diet and iatrogenic causes of disease are still main factors in disease causation, and unfortunately allopathic medicine will be needed for quite some time till we can turn things around and make money through disease prevention.

Thankfully, my friend and a co-worker of hers, were able to get waivers , here in Connecticut, to prevent(in their cases) this forcible act against health and freedom. However, others who were not as well informed had no choice in the matter and submitted to these injections. The choice was either get injected or leave your job. I cannot imagine that this is happening(without much protest) in The United States of America, where we are supposed to be free and to have dominion over our own bodies. This is serious stuff and the medical system needs to be taken to task on this issue before it is too late and vaccines are required. The time is fast approaching where insurance companies and doctors will require that patients be vaccinated before they can be treated. It makes one wonder if there is more to this extreme push for vaccine after vaccine......other than making money.This may sound far-fetched but we need to ask these our DNA being manipulated through vaccines, do vaccines make us ill in the long run and create a further market for drugs, and are there anti-fertility substances included in vaccines...especially the HPV vaccine. Does the  advertisement slogan for this vaccine "One less" mean birth control?

If the medical system really cared about public health, they would be warning the public about the dangers of sugar and other processed foods and how these refined substances sabotage our immune systems. They would also be encouraging natural, live , fermented foods, as these foods provide a crucial part of our immune system. Most if not all of our foods have been pasteurized, which effectively negates any immune boosting properties of foods which have been fermented. Examples are pasteurized cider, sauerkraut, pickles, beer, wine, etc. In his anthropological studies, Dr. Weston Price found that all "cultures" ate cultured or live fermented  foods that were unpasteurized and that this process(among others) accounted for their robust health and immunity.In fact these indigenous people religiously and sacredly guarded these regional cultures or ferments ( helpful bacteria) which brought them such health and vigor. When travelers from other countries would come to the shores of North America, they brought their "cultures" with them. The more one considers the term "culture" which is now used to describe an indigenous people's native customs, skills and arts, one can imagine how the word originated...the deep roots and real meaning of "culture"

Again, a recipe for good health and efficient immunity....does not come from adding more stresses to the body (such as the toxic ingredients in vaccines). Real immunity comes from feeding the body the foods it was meant to run on. You don't expect a gasoline engine to run on water. Likewise you can't expect the magnificent human creation to run on manmade processed junk! We truly are what we eat. Please check out  for reliable health information that has proven itself with indigenous cultures around the world. Read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A Price. Proper diet can bring back honest statesmanship to our government and health to our people and to future generations. If we don't act now and stand up to Big Agriculture and the allopathic medical system, our health will continue to deteriorate. I am not exaggerating when I say that the survival of the human race depends on observing and honoring the foods our ancestors ate and the mehtods they used to prepare this food.

If you want to learn more about the fun, healthy and inexpensive practice of fermentation, check out Cultures For Health. Life will be much simpler and healthier for all of us if we observe what healthy people ate and how they prepared their foods. Learn how to make fermented drinks, sourdough bread, fermented milk products and fermented vegetables. I find it to be truly fascinating! 
Cultures for Health

You also may want to check out a post I wrote about elderberries and the way that the components in this fruit  prevent the bacteria and viruses from entering the cells.

I have found that making my own elderberry tincture from dried berries, has been very helpful in preventing flu and colds, when taken at the first sign of illness and/or as a preventative when venturing out to a place where you know you will be exposed. It is also helpful to take it when under stress.

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