Monday, January 16, 2012

Politics and the Sociopath/Narcissist Personality

Narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths come from all walks of life, they come in all shapes and sizes and they can be either a man or a woman. These personality disorders can vary from each other but many of the traits overlapp. These personalities tend to cluster in positions where they can feel important, garner attention and have power over the medical system, politics,psychiatrists, some religious leaders...etc.

When it comes to the world of lyme disease and throughout society, many people often disbelieve the goals and plots of some of these people because they cannot fathom their mindset. Something in their brains is not working right so they lack empathy, compassion, love and they often do not realize the consequences of their that... in the long run they don't even realize that their negative actions will often end up harming themselves.

I think it's very important to realize this, if we want to get anywhere in the lyme community...or if we want to keep our freedoms we need to know why and how the "normal" people are being taken advantage of by those without compassion and conscience.

It's also important to realize that these people can be very charming and also can be excellent actors and actresses. It's like we need a whole new way of electing individuals for government or any position of power. Good, kind, compassionate people often do not seek these kinds of powerful positions because that kind of position often entails clawing and scratching to get to the top...and compromising one's values.

On the one hand I feel sorry for these people because their inner life must be barren. They seek thrills from adrenaline rushes and many times hurting others is how they acquire this adrenaline fix.

In my own experience I am trying to balance not being taken advantage of but yet not hating this type of person or becoming mean or insensitive myself. I think the main focus maybe should be on learning to spot this type of person and as an individual and a society we need to learn how spot them,know their tactics and keep them out of controlling positions. In our personal lives we need to know how to handle them....with general kindness but with firmness and boundaries.Show them that their tactics no longer work.

We need a sense of being ok ourselves so we don't get sucked into the idea they try to put on us that we are deficient in some way. We can't let them make us feel guilty about standing up to them and creating boundaries.

I'm just thinking outloud trying to come up with solutions because I really feel that much of the world's problems are due to this malfunction of personality. The other day when I was researching this personality type, I came across the reference to the reptilian brain in connection with these personalities which lack conscience. That of course made me think of David Icke and his claim that certain people can actually shapeshift into a material reptilian body. I never really did connect with that theory but what hit me the other day is that I bet that this equating of  reptilians to those in control actually refers to the psychopathic/sociopathic/narcissistic brain, which has  a dark cold spot in the frontal lobe. I have been reading how their personalities can shapeshift between evil tendencies and the appearance of good. I now believe that this is actually what shapeshifting is referring to.

 I also think that going back...or trying to go back to traditional diets will help to bring back society's health AND sanity. Dr. Weston Price traveled throughout the world and discovered that those who lived in the outlying areas and who ate their traditional whole foods, were without disease, were happy healthy people and in general they didn't commit crimes. There was no need for jails. In the cities and near the trading posts  where they were eating the refined foods, infectious disease, deformed skull, jaw and bone structure began appearing. Jails sprung up to deal with crime and violence. If you want to know more about how to improve our health and the health of society visit the nonprofit Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

I am still learning about this troublesome segment of society. I found the videos by a self-proclaimed psychopath to be very helpful in preparing me to be able to discern who these people are....and how to handle them. We all need to become compassionately aware so that we can stem this destructive trend in our society. They say you can't change a psychopath or narcissist. But I don't think any situation is hopeless . For some reason the psychopathic/reptilian brain wants  to create a sense of fear and hopelessness. Maybe this is just to gain power or perhaps it goes deeper and they may feel that if they are empty and barren inside, they want everyone to feel that way. Check out the first two parts of this documentary featuring a self proclaimed narcissist/psychopath. The rest of the documentary is on you tube


  1. It isn't just diets that are different. Our cultures are different. VERY. American culture ENCOURAGES narcissism.

    I would also like to let you know, there are *SOME* treatments showing promise for NPD but mostly for borderline personality disorder which is also a cluster b disorder. They are painful disorders to be with and around, but I am rather annoyed when ANY mental health issue is boiled down to diet. Diet may help moderate issues, it doesn't fix severe abuse, wipe out molestation or genetic factors. Diet may help ease the physical effects of poverty by providing a stable source of sustenance. It isn't as simple as "food is medicine"

  2. Thankyou for commenting. You are right...our culture does encourage narcissism. My thought on diet and mental issues is not really that it can "fix" psychopathy once it has developed but that parents eating healthy traditional whole food diets may be able to prevent this disorder a certain their children. The diet of the parent absolutely affects how a child develops . Brains, dental arches and whole skeletal structure are influenced by parental diet . I think that perhaps narcissism is different than psychopathy in that psychopathy is maybe more of an actual malfunction or deficiency in the brain that may begin in the fetus which could be influenced by diet. There are also definitely issues such as poverty and abuse (poor diet also figures into poverty) that create mental you say. One striking example of diet affecting the mental state and development of a person is from the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston Price. He was a dentist who traveled all over the world comparing and photographing people who ate their unprocessed native diets to those who ate the foods of commerce that were processed. The areas which ate their unprocessed native diets didn't need jails because there was no crime...and rarely needed doctors because people were so healthy. One Down's Syndrome boy who was born to an older mother whose reproductive stores had been depleted.....was going through puberty exhibiting all the basic characteristics of mongolism. He wasn't able to go places by himself and his physical traits were definitely in line with Down's Syndrome. Dr. Price noticed that the boy's dental arch was not properly developed and he suspected it was pressing on the pituitary gland. He fitted the boy with an appliance and the boys features and mental status began to revert to normal. It was amazing. Weston Price however wasn't living or staying in that area and when the appliance fell out the boy again reverted to his abnormal state. of the parent absolutely affects the development of the skeletal and other structures of the body. Fascinating! : > )