Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight To Rescue American Healthcare

Last night on May 15, 2013, I was treated to a private screening of the important movie "Escape Fire". The screening was held by Maximized Living Chiropractors from around the country. This film focuses on our current unsustainable system of treating the sick. Some of the points focused on are....1. Why are so many of us sick? 2. Why do we treat only the symptoms instead of the underlying causes? 3. Where is there any true prevention? 4. How is money made in our current system? 5. How can we set up a preventative system where prevention is actually profitable?

As the movie points out....despite the propaganda we hear that the U.S. is one of the best fed, healthiest nations in the world, this country is one of the lowest rated in health on the  international scale. Our system in the U.S. is really one of disease care. Profits drive this system that doesn't want the people to get well...but it really doesn't want you to die either. The system wants to keep us alive and sick so we continue to be sources of profit. An example of this from personal experience...is the controversy surrounding the treatment of Lyme disease...both the acute and chronic forms. When Lyme disease goes under-treated or untreated and misdiagnosed as many different diseases, which supposedly have no known causes or cures...the disease festers and spreads under the surface while medical testing and drug companies make millions on the hundreds of symptoms caused by the untreated disease.

The movie brought out the fact that insurance companies do not invest much in true prevention because people often stay with a specific insurance company sometimes only for a year or so. Medical training focuses on medication and expensive testing. Doctors in training receive very little education on the subject of nutrition...which is the main preventative factor of disease. Because what we eat and how well mineralized our food is.. determines our health...it would follow that a disease care system whose goal is profit...would minimize prevention and even intentionally advise us improperly. The movie stresses the idea that it is not the doctors who are to blame but the system that teaches them.

Escape Fire shows us that the current system is completely irrational...as far as a system that is supposed to promote health. Our medical system rewards doctors for delivering MORE procedures, MORE drugs and  for seeing MORE patients. This setup does not encourage or allow for adequate time spent with patients. Doctors are not taught to look for root causes of disease....or to look at the person as a whole. This results in root causes staying unidentified while only the symptoms are treated.

Drug companies do not always warn the public of some of the serious side effects or outcomes of their drugs. One example given was the drug Avandia, a diabetes drug. http://www.pharmalive.com/avandia-scandal-leading-diabetes-doc-warned-fda-about-risks-2000
A study showed that the group taking Avandia in the study had a 30% increase of heart attacks. This fact was never mentioned to doctors or patients. A similar thing occurred with the Lyme disease vaccine Lymerix. A study showed that 30% of those in a vaccine study had a genetic tendency to acquire an arthritis from the vaccine itself that would be intractable to treatment. Nothing was said about this either. I did talk to numerous people who had gotten the vaccine and they were now diagnosed with fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

A large part of the problem lies with the lobbyists that the medical corporations hire. Many of our elected officials, including the President...are basically hired through campaign donations, by these corporations, to do their bidding.

A large part of the movie discussed the problems of the system, which began to get a bit discouraging. However, the last part of the movie tried to focus more on the solutions. Some of these solutions were methods of natural pain relief, healthy diet, meditation and other lifestyle changes. When it comes down to the nitty gritty...we are the ones responsible for our own health and well being. When we give this responsibility totally away to commerce, it is never a good outcome.

Is government funded healthcare the answer...as Michael Moore promotes? I don't think so. Government funded healthcare would just be more of the same and possibly even worse if it is based on the same premise of more and more testing and drugs. We may even be required to take toxic vaccines and other harmful treatments.

I highly recommend that everyone see the movie "Escape Fire". Hopefully the healthcare industry won't have to crash before we can turn things around. But....something has to be done because it's almost to the point where the human race may not survive. The health of our soil (mineral density) is also another very crucial factor not mentioned in the movie. I will report on a couple of books on this subject in the future.

The need is great to turn things around NOW! I have been very pleased with my Maximized Living Chiropractor and the comprehensive program they offer to patients. The more people who begin to turn to alternative and holistic healthcare...the more the medical industry will have to adapt in order to survive. Maybe we can all find some solutions together. Here is a link to something I posted about the Maximized Living Chiropractor  who has helped me.
They offer many activities...exercise group, nutrition counseling, weight loss programs, recipe night and many other helpful lectures.....including viewing this movie. Yes...Maximized Living Practitioners are running a business also but the point is.....they are an example of how you can earn a living while at the same time actually be promoting health. It can be done. Check out my chiropractor's website www.drmirante.com   . You may call them to find Maximized Living Chiropractors around you. From the research I have done I feel that their nutritional advice and recipes are right on target and not based on the goals of the agricultural and medical industries.

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