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The seriousness and widespread nature of the Lyme Disease and Co-infection pandemic is being denied in every country where it is present. General opinion claims that this odd state of affairs is due to the medical profession's inability or slowness to accept new ideas and the presence of new disease. I don't buy this excuse. What about SARS, Swine Flu, West Nile Virus, etc etc. The medical community seems to have no problems accepting the scare propaganda associated with these diseases which are claimed to be affecting many. I don't know of anyone with these diseases...but I personally do know of hundreds who are very very ill with Lyme disease, Babesia, bartonella, mycoplasma fermentens, erlichia...etc. All of these pathogens can be passed through one tick bite. This fact is known by medical officials in the CDC, NIH...and the Infectious Disease Society of America...however most doctors are not instructed to look for these microbes in patients. Most patients are just given a diagnosis or meaningless label of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia...etc......with no effort to try and identify the causes of these disease labels which are basically just identifying the symptoms which results in only treating the symptoms instead of the cause(s).

What is now happening in Australia has also been taking place in the United States and other countries. Doctors who are trying to treat patients appropriately, by discovering and treating the CAUSE....are being systematically investigated and restricted when it comes to treating Lyme disease and the coinfections which are also passed on by ticks and other blood sucking insects. Many doctors have already lost their licenses to practice medicine. 

One Bill was passed in Connecticut which had the similar outcome as the orders or restrictions below which are being imposed on a legitimate doctor in Australia who specializes in treating Lyme, Chronic fatigue Syndrome and other mysterious chronic illnesses. The Connecticut Bill stated that if a patient was still sick after receiving the standard length of antibiotic treatment prescribed by their general practitioner...then in order to get further treatment the patient's GP could no longer order further treatment but the patient would have to see either a neurologist or an infectious disease specialist for their opinion as to whether or not they needed more treatment. This may sound like an OK idea on the surface but what we found in Connecticut was that the opinions of most neurologists and infectious disease specialists were seemingly controlled and functionally worthless to chronically ill patients. Rarely would one of these specialists prescribe further antibiotic treatment even if the treatment had been slowly helping the patient...but just wasn't quite enough yet.

Apparently these specialists are either NOT taught the extensive symptom complex of tick-borne infections OR they are somehow coerced into not diagnosing Lyme disease. Part of the problem is the inaccuracy of testing for Lyme and co-infections. There are over 300 strains of Borrelia that can cause Lyme disease but only several are tested for. This organism also changes form which affects diagnosis.The Lyme organism also forms biofilms which can hide the bacteria from antibiotics and testing.

To try and sum up this situation...(as I could go on forever speaking of the many many inconsistencies surrounding the Lyme disease conspiracy)the system has been set up to block the proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and MISS or to leave untreated much of the chronically ill population. Chronically ill people who do not die are a constant source of profit for the medical industry and chronically ill people are also much easier to control when dependent on the the medical industry and sometimes the State. 
Yes there are natural ways to HELP treat chronic Lyme disease but what most alternative doctors, patients and Lyme specialists have discovered is that due to the extremely persistent nature of the Lyme disease bacteria, antibiotics are also needed...sometimes long term.

Read the message below that was posted to a private doctors' email list ...and see for yourself the restrictions and loss of patient privacy that are being imposed on the population of our ever increasing globalized and controlled planet. The video at the top show Dr. Ladhams speaking about Lyme disease before he had the restrictions below placed upon him and his patients. Let's stand up for our inherent right to decide for ourselves what treatment we need! High prices of medical care and the seeming necessity of insurance coverage  seems to be the main force behind our enslavement or dependency to the medical system. What are we going to do about it....let's put our thinking caps on! Healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent much of the chronic illness we are experiencing, however, we also need investigation into the many ties of the medical industry and into the genetic engineering of microbes and the insect vectors that host these microbes.
 Read the Restrictions below...It's just unbelievable

Well now its happening here in Australia. Dr Ladhams from Qld has just been notified of restrictions on his right to practice medicine by our national authority APHRA the registration body. Specifically it states:

On 20 December 2013, the Medical Board of Australia (the Board) imposed the following conditions on the registration of Dr Andrew Ladhams (the practitioner)):
1. The practitioner must not treat Lyme disease in any patient without first obtaining an opinion from an infectious disease specialist who is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians (FRACP) which:
a. states the patient suffers with Lyme disease , and
b. prescribes the treatment regimen to be followed by the practitioner.
2. The practitioner must not request the insertion of nor insert a peripherally inserted central catheter or any other form of central venous catheter into any patient.
3. The practitioner must not provide treatment to any patient which may cause a Jarisch- Herxheimer response to such treatment outside of a licensed hospital at which the practitioner holds credentials to perform such treatment.
4. Within 7 (seven) days of these conditions being imposed, the practitioner must notify all partners/employers/employees/colleagues in his practice and every person who is, or may be, responsible for booking consultations with the practitioner, of these conditions.
5. An AHPRA representative for the Board will contact and exchange information with the practitioner’s employer/ partners/colleagues in his practice and every person who is, or may be, responsible for booking consultations with the practitioner, at such time or times as the Board or its representative shall determine for the purpose of monitoring the practitioner’s compliance with these conditions.
6. The Medicare Program, Department of Human Services, Australia and Private Health Insurance Funds are required to provide information to the Board or its representatives about the practitioner’s practice of his profession.
7. The practitioner must allow an AHPRA representative for the Board to access, inspect and copy his patient records, including but not limited to appointment diaries and prescribing records at his practice locations for the purpose of monitoring his compliance with the conditions.

Of course there is no lyme in Australia.
 Of course it cant come in from overseas.
 Of course every infectious disease doc in the country is on a par with IDSA perspectives. No one gets a diagnosis of lyme.

There is a lot of fuss about a patient having focal tonic clonic reactions as part of herx during IVI treatment. I am standing up and saying I see this too. Am I next? Maybe?

So half behind the scenes ACIDS has formed in Australia in the past 5 months and now has 55 members. That stands for Australian Chronic Infectious Disease Society. Several are also members of ILADS. We accept the rejects of ID docs.

Today the society issues the following statement:

We in ACIDS believe infectious disease doctors in this country have not been proactive enough in diagnosing chronic lyme, bartonella and babesia infections in patients in Australia and in particular have been totally blind to the possibility of endemic infections to the point of denial. 
We point out that Murtaghs General Practice handbook has acknowledged the existence of lyme disease on this continent for years.

 We announce that we are taking over this area of medicine and are available to ID doctors who need our advice in these areas. We cordially invite such doctors to join with us.

This won't make certain elements of the profession here very happy but we are going to stand tall on this issue. 

Dr Peter Mayne

Laurieton Medical Centre
Laurieton NSW
+61 2 6559 9277


  1. I have late stage chronic Lyme disease, diagnosed only 7 years ago, after a LIFETIME of faulty diagnoses and treatments. The Lyme literate M.D. and microbiologist who diagnosed me did an EXTENSIVE medical history, discovering that my brother has Lyme, a sibling died of some weird "infection" shortly after birth, and that it is likely that BOTH of my parents died of Lyme-related systemic illnesses, although they were not diagnosed before death. This Lyme "expert" told me that it is likely that my father picked up Lyme while serving in the Navy on PT Boats in the South Pacific (Australia included) during WWII. It turns out that the Japanese, Germans, Americans, and probably everybody else were working on biooengineered illnesses transported by "insect vectors" and "littering" these vectors around the world (???airplanes/later chemtrails???) My father was diagnosed with "malaria" despite the fact that none of the malaria treatments helped him. Then, when he returned from the war and got married, he gave this "malaria" to my mother, who then transferred it to all of her children. I'm certain TPTB don't want this scenario to become common knowledge, and thus are going so far as to even deny the existence of Lyme in Australia and other countries. Plus, TPTB wouldn't want doctors working to "cure" a disease?s that They worked/are working so very hard to create!! I think that if the TRUTH were to be exposed, "crimes against humanity" would be a mild charge!! Just a little side note - when I have been in the hospital where I live, for various surgeries and illnesses, I have been told that "It is not politically correct to treaty your Lyme, so while you're in here, We won't be treating or giving you your Lyme meds"!!!!

  2. Thankyou for sharing your experience and your thoughts. That's interesting that you were told that treating Lyme is not politically correct. This is true. I met a library worker when taking out a book about Lyme. She was excited to tell me that Allen Steere (The EIS Agent from the CDC who studied, treated and reported research which was acquired from his patients) treated her and followed her progress for years. This govt lyme researcher told this woman never to donate blood again even though he supposedly cured her. What does that tell you? What you are sharing with us happened many years ago. Imagine the bioengineering technology that exists now! It's interesting to observe the growing number of tick coinfections people are becoming sick with. Infecting a vector(insect) with many different pathogens is an effective method of biowarfare as it confuses diagnosis and treatment. Good luck to you and thanks again for sharing

  3. Well your article explains a lot, I have morgellons, asked my doctor for a test for Lymes, never said I had morgellons, and she told me that there is no Lymes in Australia,,, so where does this leave people like myself... Do we have to self treat, do we try cures that are dangerous because the medical system is down right corrupt? I know I got morgellons from an overdose of nanoparticles,myself and 3 other people all got it at once... We could see the particulates at night in the air, it was thick with them, also animals were all sick with A skin condition too... They need to wake up to what is really going on...

    1. Anonymous April 2/2015. I am in SE Qld. and believe Lyme has morphed into Morgellons. Have you noticed chemtrail spraying and thus the particulates?