Monday, July 13, 2015

Alzheimer's Disease Caused By Infection

Our modern medical industry thrives on the chronically ill. Not too many people will dispute this obvious fact. The question deep does this scenario go? While modern medicine has many helpful new technologies and surgery techniques, why do we require so much medical intervention to begin with? Having personal experience with Lyme disease, I have become aware of how the medical system actually operates. There is no true prevention involved...nor are cures and root causes examined. In fact root causes and legitimate prevention are often discouraged or intentionally covered up.

Two prime examples of this corrupt and ineffective medical model can be found with Lyme Disease and with Alzheimer's Disease. Lyme disease has been labeled the Great Imitator...secondary only to Syphilis. The Lyme disease germ (borrelia burgdorferi), which is a spirochete as in syphilis, can affect just about every  system and organ in the body and it's chronic form is being falsely labeled as many different conditions and diseases. Borrelia burgdorferi is a relapsing infection which will take advantage of a weaker immune system. This pathogenic microbe can also change shape, form biofilms (which protect the germ from antibiotics, from the body's immune system, and from showing up in blood testing). However, the studies that show these facts to be true are ignored by mainstream medicine. The general consensus concerning this strange situation is that the medical system is just stodgy and slow and does not want to accept new ideas. The general public is often not aware that conflicts of interest are most likely the reason why so many of us have chronic conditions.

The pharmaceutical companies heavily influence what our doctors are taught in medical school and at medical conferences. Their ever-growing profits stem from only treating the symptoms and ignoring the cause. When the cause of disease is ignored, many symptoms appear throughout the body and many systems and organs can be affected. This causes the patient to be sent from one specialist to another to be prescribed specific drugs for each symptom. In the meantime the root cause or disease progresses  untreated under the surface. It is believed, and starting to be proven, that Lyme disease and Alzheimer's are related in this manner. Medical science has proven that Syphilis can cause dementia. The plaques in the brain that cause dementia from Syphilis look identical to those found in the Alzheimer's brains where lyme and oral spirochetes are present. Why are corporate and government funded research institutions not spreading this news far and wide? Why is long term antibiotic treatment for lyme disease being discouraged when it is known that Borrelia burgdorferi can be a chronic relapsing infection? Yes, antibiotics can cause certain problems but didn't we learn that if you don't finish your antibiotics...meaning if you don't take enough of them to eradicate  the disease...then this is what creates antibiotic resistance? Instead we are being led to under-treat which can create even more serious problems. We are also not informed of the fact that laboratories are intentionally creating antibiotic resistant germs for bio-warfare and also for supposedly benign purposes.

It has been predicted that Alzheimer's will increase substantially because of the growing elderly population. However, dementia is NOT a normal part of aging so why are we being told that Alzheimer's will increase? This has been stated as an almost indisputable fact. I suspect that the cause of Alzheimer's is known and that the medical industry does not want the root cause(s) known so that the chronically ill population grows along with drug profits. Of course those with dementia may also die sooner which may lessen the burden on social security. That later point is just speculation.

If this issue matters to you, take the time to watch the video below where Alan MacDonald talks about his research and the research of Judith Miklossy. Their research shows that Lyme disease and other spirochetes and infections appear to play a major role in dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Instead of raising money and handing it over to the corporate charities ,which never to seem to find cures, let's support the private researchers who are looking for the root cause of disease. Also below this video please check out the short video/interview with the very respected Swiss researcher Dr. Judith Miklossy, who is finding the same results as Dr. Macdonald concerning spirochetes as the cause of Alzheimer's. Periodontal issues also relate to how the spirochetes get into the brain. This is very important to understand.      

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