Monday, May 15, 2017

Munchausen's By Proxy and Government Control Of Our Children

I was just watching the news and am very concerned as to where parent's rights are headed...especially where parents of Lyme patients and children with other vague illnesses are concerned. Often the media/governments take advantage of legitimate issues. I think today's news item is an example. Most of us have heard of or know parents of Lyme patients who have been labeled with Munchhausen's Syndrome and have even had their children taken away due to this MISdiagnosis. There is a huge increase in autoimmune/chronic diseases that have no legitimate tests or causes and people are being either assigned meaningless labels or told that it is all in their heads. 

Big news today on Good Morning America was about a girl who was abused by her mother who had made her sick or faked her illnesses all her life to get attention for herself. After many years of abuse the daughter ( Gypsy Blanchard) killed the mother and is in jail. HBO is coming out with a documentary about it. Because this is being highlighted in the news...I am suspicious. This may or may not have happened but I think they may use incidents like this to gain further control over children, their parents, and perhaps even to hide some of our chronic illness pandemic. Many Lyme parents try so hard to get treatment for their children because the medical community is intentionally kept in the dark as to the symptom complex of Lyme disease and it's co-infections...  viral and bacterial. Many of the parents have had Lyme disease themselves so they know how this disease can present in a confusing array of symptoms. Often they have been told it is all in their heads or that they have some mysterious autoimmune disease. I know this from personal experience.

Testing is inaccurate and symptoms can often affect every system of the body so then people are labeled as either  malingering or as having parents who must be afflicted with Munchausen's by Proxy. It's criminal! There may be some real cases of this but I never heard of this syndrome till after Lyme disease came on the scene, which is when the diagnosis became more popular. I think that after this movie doctors are going to be even more suspicious of Lyme parents or parents of those children who may have tick co-infections or retroviruses and other microbes, some of which may be genetically engineered. Doctors are told there is no such thing as chronic active Lyme disease, which we know is a falsehood. There are many studies (which are being ignored by the mainstream) which show that Lyme can be a chronic active or relapsing infection. It can also be passed through the placenta.

In an interview, Aaron Russo talked about how Nick Rockefeller admitted that part of the plan was to gain more control over the children and separate them from their parents. This is a tactic used to mold the new generation to whatever desired goals those who are currently in control want to bring about. There are many different ways that are being used to gain control over the children. When both parents work and the children are left with the school or others, then the children's values and ideas are molded more by whomever they spend the most time with. After school parents bring their children to sports where they usually do not interact with their children but only observe from the sidelines. "It takes a village to raise a child" has become a popular propaganda statement.

There seems to be a movement towards making parents seem incapable of raising their own children. Yes there are legitimate cases of abuse but this legitimate issue is being used to gradually take away parent's rights to raise their own children. If you will notice...many of Lois Lowry's children's books are about women who are assigned to be birth mothers and then the children go to other caretakers.  Eugenics is also highlighted . I think that these are rather bizarre themes for children's books. The excuse given as to why these books are  acceptable is......because it is warning people that this could happen in our society if we are not vigilant. seems to be having the opposite effect....more like predictive programming. I don't think that most children are having the discussion with their teachers or parents that for example......forms of eugenics are already taking place. One example......abortion when one discovers they may be carrying a Down's Syndrome child is becoming more popular. I say...let's find out the cause of Down's Syndrome instead. Some feel that it has to do with parental diet before and during often Down Syndrome children are born to older mothers who may have depleted their body's store of essential nutrients from previous pregnancies. However, our modern drug oriented society does not like to look at uncovering causes because there is less profit when finding the cause of disease.

Instead of increasingly blaming parents for their child's illnesses...let's uncover the deception and the real causes of these chronic illnesses and deadly cancers...which may have to do with vaccines, genetic engineering of microbes and our food, pesticides in our food and water, poor parental diet...etc.


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