Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lyme Disease Film and Discussion of Ethics

Center for Public Awareness in Bioethics (CPAB)

Contact: B. A. McClain, Director


CPAB HOLDS FIRST PUBLIC FORUM .......Screening and discussion of the film "Under Our Skin"....Deep River, CT – October 14, 2008

The Center for Public Awareness in Bioethics (CPAB), a new nonprofit initiative located in central Connecticut, will hold its first public forum with the screening of the film Under Our Skin, a documentary about Lyme Disease.

This forum will take place on November 15, 2008, 1:00 p.m., at the Deep River Auditorium, 174 Main Street, Deep River, CT. After the film, CPAB will conduct an open discussion on bioethics and Lyme Disease. There is no charge, but donations will be accepted. By screening Under Our Skin, CPAB seeks to engage the public to understand and discuss bioethical issues concerning the diagnosis and treatment of chronic Lyme Disease. The discussion following the film, moderated by Niantic Toastmasters, will include a panel of professionals who will answer questions and lead discussions.

Bioethics is the study of the ethical issues surrounding the development and application of science, medicine, and technology. CPAB’s mission is to increase public knowledge in bioethics by conducting discussion forums for open and responsible exchange of perspectives and opinions. CPAB hopes to motivate individuals and groups to address bioethical issues and human dignity.

From Open Eye Pictures, the Producers of Under Our Skin:

Under Our Skin is an expose about how our medical system is failing to address one of the most serious epidemics of our times. A dramatic tale of microbes, medicine, and money, this eye-opening film investigates the untold story of Lyme Disease, an emerging epidemic larger than AIDS. Each year thousands go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, told that their symptoms are “all in their head”. Following the stories of patients and physicians as they battle for their lives and livelihoods, the film brings into focus a haunting picture of our healthcare system and its inability to cope with a silent terror under our skin.

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