Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hello everyone,
Just to update you on some upcoming vaccine events:

I will be traveling with Dr. Andrew Moulden across the nation beginning with a talk in Michigan June 26. For those who may not know, Dr. Moulden is a MD, PhD brain specialist who is able to PROVE that ALL vaccines can cause micro-vascular strokes in ALL major organsof the body. This is the first time that a medical doctor is able to show the mechanism of injury and how it happens within an hour after vaccination.

Dr. Moulden is proving what I have been SCREAMING for years and if you know anyone who is on the fence about this vaccine issue...this will eliminate and doubts about the dangers of vaccines. We are trying to save babies lives! This is the most incriminating evidence ever brought out against vaccines. You will see it for yourself-with your own eyes. PLEASE, refer your friends and families to my website for all of our scheduled talks. Get to one yourself and witness the historical fall of the vaccine industry.

We are out to "shut them down" with public out-cry! When enough people stop getting the toxic injections, they will have to pay attention! The pediatricians do not know what they are doing! Pastors are not aware that vaccines are made on aborted baby organs!

YES, the vaccine researchers pay a fee to the abortionists to give them whole, live babies to harvest vaccines on! :(

See the attached flyers and please try to come and also encourage your friends to attend. Forward this Email to all who you know!! This will be life-changing for all. See Moulden's bio and you will understand the power in this event!

Mary Tocco
Saving babies across the world!
To register for MI talk call me at 231-642-7984

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