Friday, August 28, 2009


People need to thoroughly familiarize themselves with social manipulation techniques. We need to be able to recognize the Delphi Technique and Alinsky Methods. Many of us feel helpless concerning our increasingly chaotic world. The propaganda is immense and everything seems to be out of control.

What we must realize is that the only way the few can control the through manipulation, deceit and propaganda. People ARE learning the techniques being used against them and they are speaking out. When evil or error is exposed, it can no longer operate

Certain people who work for government agencies, corporations, educational systems....etc are trained in deceptive techniques. "Arriving or coming to consensus" may sound like a positive thing but it is worded and presented to purposely sound positive. Psychological techniques are used to coerce people to come to preordained conclusions which are often the actual goals of the company or government agency...and these goals are usually not in our best interests...otherwise coercion would not be needed.
The Delphi Technique has been used at Lyme disease State Hearing planning meetings...which I personally witnessed. When you hear the buzz phrases, such as coming to consensus ...or "breakout groups", a red flag should go up. The CDC recently held a meeting for the public to express their concerns about the Swine Flu vaccine. Learn how the Delphi technique was used at this meeting by scrolling down to the videos on this blog and watch "CDC VACCINE MEETING" The people CAN empower themselves. It's extremely interesting that I have been strongly discouraged, by certain Lyme disease groups, in sharing these techniques. I was concerned that Lyme disease activism efforts were intentionally being misdirected. I told people to go and read and learn for themselves. I was then told that this subject was not allowed to be discussed. That sounds like another tactic to keep us in the dark.

Often meetings are held to make it appear that the people have a voice. We do have a reality....but not if we don't see through the deception.

If you want to read more about these techniques go to Activism Concerns on this blog
Don't forget to watch the videos below put on by "We Are Change" CDC VACCINE MEETING


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