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I wrote the article below (in purple ink).. a year before Hurricane 2004. Repeated wild weather was already causing suspicions and concerns before Katrina.Has technology "improved" since then? A TV movie was shown in the spring before Katrina hit. The name of this movie was Oil Storm. Oil Storm depicted the exact scenerio of Hurricane Katrina, which hit a few months later. Was this coincidence or was Hurricane Katrina planned?

If the government is already able to steer and perhaps even initiate hurricanes through heating of the ionosphere with Microwave Energy Weapons (MEW), will they steer Hurricane Bill away from the east Coast? We are again hearing in the 2009... that IN THE FUTURE...we will be able to steer the impression that we have no current capabilities for this technology. If weather warfare has occurred in the past and is an active ongoing technology, of course the public will be told that we don't yet have the capability. Using terrorism, weather warfare, wildfires,ploys to take away our guns, planned economic collapse, encouraging degenerative life styles through drugs, disharmonious music and sex, banning the creator from our lives...etc...when put all together in such a chaotic manner....has been a proven method for taking a country over from within.

The American People will be watching to see if this year's hurricanes are steered safely out to sea.
ABC Poses The Storm Steering Question By Marjorie Tietjen

This morning on ABC News there was a segment discussing storm steering. Different methods of steering or deflating hurricanes were elaborated on. White absorbant powder that forms a gel, once it has sucked the moisture out of the clouds, was actually shown by the company who produces it. Other geoengineering methods were also discussed.....and even included an atomic explosion to steer hurricanes. However, no mention was made of scalar weather warfare capabilities. We were told that none of these methods have been used yet so it would be too dangerous to try any of them at this point.

I believe this was an effort ,by those in charge, to diffuse any growing suspicions or rumors to the effect that Charlie, Frances and Ivan may have been artificially created and directed. This appears to be a classic example of revealing partial truths for the purpose of deception and control. Many who have been researching the issue of weather warfare realize there is no question as to whether storms can be created, deflated and manuvered.

In 1976 there was a U.N. Treaty, which Nations signed, promising not to affect each other using weather warfare. other words, the technology was available at least some degree. I can only imagine how techniques have "improved" since then.

This is reportedly a quote from Senator Pell of Rhode Island, from The Providence Journal Bulletin, 1975:

"The U.S. and other world powers should sign a treaty to outlaw tampering with weather as an instrument of war. It may seem far fetched to think of using weather as a weapon but I'm convinced that the U.S. did, in fact, use rainmaking techniques as a weapon of war in Southeast Asia." "We need a treaty now to prevent such actions...before military leaders of the world start directing storms, manipulating climates and inducing earthquakes against the enemies. The basic idea of environmental warfare is simple.....if a nation can learn to trigger natural events it can inflict terrible damage on an enemy through rainfall, flooding, tidal waves, earthquakes and even climate changes that could devastate an enemy nation's agriculture."

From Charlene Fassa

Dear Jeff...

Thanks so much for posting the excellent piece on weather steering by Marjorie Tietjen. This is a subject most of us need lots more specific information on-- ASAP. Please consider doing a radio show on 'weaponizing' weather, and of course SCALAR Technology. I feel this is a pressing issue that needs more dissemination and illumination. How about interviewing Tom Bearden? If you've already interviewed him I apologize for my ignorance!

Keep up the great work,

Scalar Wars
The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

By Bill Morgan

For the past six months I have been undergoing the greatest paradigm shift I have ever had to go through. It has rattled my nerves and shaken my bones. This intense adjustment of my "world"has come about by studying the information given by Col. Tom Bearden at his website Cheniere. The new knowledge there has necessitated a total revision of my ideas about physical reality, the world we live in, and the future of humanity.

This paradigm shifting even actually made me dizzy on certain days as I tried to absorb and digest Bearden's vast amount of information. I am not a scientist at all, just a layman, and I have little comprehension of the math and high physics of this new science called "Scalar Electromagnetics."But there is a great deal of information at Cheniere which needs to become common knowledge as fast as possible, for the sake of the survival of life on earth.

To that end I have put together this small primer of Bearden's ideas, as a kind of "beginner's guide" to his website. (I have tried to underline certain words and phrases which are part of the new "jargon" of talking about these "new" phenomena. Also I have taken the liberty of bolding certain words and phrases to help them stick in the mind).

"North America has not had 'normal' weather since 1976" -Tom Bearden

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