Friday, August 21, 2009


We seem to be dealing in many of them being the mercury issue. This morning I was researching the human manipulations of our weather system, which included the themes of biodiversity and rewilding parts of the United States. It appears that one of the goals of weather warfare is to relocate much of the population.This is all supposedly in the name of protecting the environment, even though they trash the environment in the process.

If one is a fish eater, they are aware of the mercury issue. I am wondering how real this danger really is. The ABC morning news was speaking about the mercury dangers in fish. We are told by those who really care about nutrition, that we are better off eating wild fish than we are eating fish from the artifically fed fish which are farm raised.It only makes sense that the health of the fish depends on it's diet. These same ideas apply to grass fed pastured beef as opposed to factory raised beef.

ABC was telling us this morning that the farm raised fish have much less mercury in them than those caught wild in streams. They basically depicted it as dangerous to be a fresh water fisherman. While it is obvious that our streams must not be as clean as they used to be, how much of this is political manipulation? The news was saying that children and pregnant women need to be very careful exposing themselves to especially wild caught fish...due to the mercury content.

One of my questions issss......why are they so concerned about the mercury in fish but yet they are grossly manipulating society...especially pregnant women and actually have mercury injected many times over...into their blood streams? Does this make any sense?
Well...perhaps it makes sense in the minds of the extreme environmentalists.

A while back I wrote about my thoughts concerning the movie Happy Feet. Disney owns ABC (this morning's report about Fish) and Disney made the movie Happy Feet. This movie had several messages being put forth. One message was that the penguin's fish were being stolen by the aliens. We find out later that human beings are the aliens. The movie Happy feet is also very heavily laced with sex and mind control themes.

So....what is my point?
This is only speculation but I think what we may be seeing is an effort to protect the wildlife (wild fish in the oceans and streams)and then injecting people with the very poison they are telling us to avoid in fish. Maybe , besides making money, this is an effort to reduce the population so we will have less of an effect on the fish population. Check out my Happy Feet article below and see what you think.
If the population problem really is as severe as we are being led to believe, then why don't they use their persuasion tactics for good...really communicating with the people and letting them know the real consequences of having too many children. I may be missing it but I haven't been hearing any messages from the government that we need to reduce the number of children we are having.This may be because they are taking care of this problem in others ways that we are not totally aware of yet.

Vaccines may be reducing the fertility rate and certain diseases such as Lyme disease and mycoplasma, which definitely create fertility problems, are being allowed to pass through the population unchecked.We are not being told that these microbes could be passed through sex and the placenta. We are not being told about the miscarriages, infertility ,still births and birth defects which are caused by these microbes.
It just seems to me that our world's problems could be solved in a much more humane manner

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