Thursday, August 6, 2009


On Tuesday August 4th, George Sodini opened fire at a health club and killed 3 women. Seems like there are an awful lot of mass shootings in the past few years. It appears to be a newer phenomonon. We can expect more of these horrific attacks but I don't believe this will be because everyone is becoming mentally imbalanced. Granted people are not as constitutionally strong in mental and physcial health as they were years ago but I think what we are seeing now goes way beyond natural reactions to stress, loneliness or even poor diet and mental imbalance due to microbial infection of the brain.

Of course the MO was the same...the shooter committed suicide after he killed the women. This has happened in almost every mass shooting case.
More and more people are sensing that many if not most of these mass shootings have been orchestrated. There is an agenda to initiate mandatory mental health screening and to take away all the guns from the American people.
These are not imaginary goals that I have dreamed up. The Bush administration openly wanted to pass a mandatory mental health screening law. After every mass shooting the president or some other public figure will announce on TV that we need more restrictive gun laws.

Programming a person(assassin) to kill ...may seem far fetched to some. However, creating manchurian candidates was one of the main goals of the secret government operation MKULTRA. It was effective. What would prevent this from occurring now? Creating a manchurian candidate consists of brainwashing through drugs, hypnosis and torture. Many of the past shooters have a history of antidepressant use which can cause violent behavior and perhaps these drugs also make targets more maleable to hypnosis and other forms of control. An excellent book to read on the subject of antidepressants is Prozac: Panacea or Pandora by Anne Blake Tracey.

When watching the news coverage of this shooting I was analyzing everything that was said. The reporters talked of how the shooter's house was in disrepair. It also spoke of him being a loner (loners are on the FBI watch list) and how women never seemed to be attracted to him. We were given links to his online diaries and we could see how disturbed he must have been. Be very careful folks concerning what you say on Facebook and Twitter. I don't think these online social networks were set up for benign reasons. Why on earth would we want the whole world to know what we are doing every moment? This is the first question asked on these online chat networks...."What are you doing now??"

Now, let's say we get used to this profiling of people and perhaps in the very near future we will be encouraged to report our suspicions concerning our neighbors. For example, I have neighbors whose house is in bad disrepair. We rarely see them outside......I guess we could call them loners. Can you see where this is going?

Let's not allow the media to brainwash us into becoming fearful pathetic robots. We need to analzye everything we hear. Becoming alert and discerning is our defense...along with Trust in God ......that God will provide our discernment when we sincerely ask for it.

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