Sunday, August 9, 2009


Free defines synchronicity as a coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related. Most of us experience synchronicities quite often but we either don't recognize them as such or we chalk them up to pure chance. But...once one begins to open up to the thought that there is a force, beyond our limited vision, which seems to be orchestrating our lives for good, then we begin to notice synchronicities unfolding before us everywhere.

I would like to share an experience I had which I am sure was beyond chance. See what you think.

When my children were young a very motherly divorced woman moved in across the street. My children and I would visit her and she would always invite the children to play on her antique pump organ. Several years later, after she passed on, her family wanted us to have the organ. For quite a few years I enjoyed playing old fashioned hymns and Christmas carols on this organ....with all it's sentimental memories. At one point we acquired new furniture and in order to make room for it I thought it was time to sell the organ. I felt that I had had my experience with it and now it was time for it to move on.

At this point I was sharing an antique store with some friends so it was convenient to bring the organ there to put it up for sale. After the organ had been in our store for about a month, a gentleman walked in one day to browse around. He had never been in the store before and was looking for any merchandise made by a specific company which had since gone out of business. As he was meandering around he noticed the organ and remarked as to how much it reminded him of the one he used to play as a child. He looked around a bit more and then he left.

The next day he was back and said that he wanted to buy the organ. He began to tell me more about the woman who used to let him play a similar organ as a child and that her name was Mrs. Morrison. My jaw dropped open and I said Mrs. Morrison!!!!!........This is her organ! Evidently Mrs. Morrison used to live in this man's town and then when she divorced she moved to my town. We were both overcome with amazement. It seemed to us that my time was up and that now it was his turn. He bought the organ and took it home.

Now whenever thought turns to that old pump organ, I sit back with a smile

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