Thursday, September 10, 2009


Oprah, Michael Moore, certain churches and the media are posing the question...."Would Jesus support Universal Healthcare?" I see this question as the ultimate propaganda to influence and manipulate people to accept a system that consists of corrupt corporations meshed with government.

Intuitive sense is telling me and others that this system will not be at all for our benefit. Just my involvement with Lyme disease has shown me that Government agencies, drug companies and even insurance companies (who own vested interests in the drug companies), are actually obstructing us from getting preventative and or curative treatment. They are intentionally labeling us with vague autoimmune or fatigue/fibromyalgia conditions and basically allowing symptomatic treatments and discouraging curative treatments.

Keeping the population ill, creates more profit for all institutions affiliated with the drug companies....including the government.Keeping us disabled and dependant on govt. run healthcare is a way to keep us subserviant and dependant on the government itself! It's almost as if I am being pushed by a corrupt medical system to not put my trust in material medicine. I feel as if I'm being shown that matter is not trustworthy and that only God is to be trusted
I don't think that Jesus would think that government run healthcare is a good thing. In fact, if one really wants to know what Jesus's stance on healthcare would be, one should read the New Testament. Jesus only practiced spiritual healing. He used no drugs or massage, energy machines, crystals, vitamins...and I don't believe he ever even counseled on good nutrition. He depended soley on his Father in heaven...He doeth the works. Jesus promised that if we followed his example and had true faith...not just mere belief....that we could do the things that he did.
The verse from the King James version goes like this...St. John 14:12"Verily verily I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than those shall he do; because I go unto my Father. Jesus raised the dead.Jesus made the lame to walk, the deaf to hear and the blind to see. He even multiplied the loaves and fishes when materially it seemed as if there was so little to go around.

We are facing these same problems today and I believe that part of Jesus's true message is that all things are possible with God. We have been told to pray but yet not to really expect any concrete results. Prayer is often a last ditch resort. Many people not only have physical healings through communicating more closely with God but they also tend to experience fewer problems in life. It's not that we escape all of our problems but as we grow spiritually, often our trials decrease in proportion to our reliance on God...not the government. So, maybe this is what we are all here to learn? Maybe this is the reason for all the chaos and that perhpas the chaos will continue until we all adamantly realize that God/Good is the only real power or presence.

Even as I write about conspiracies and try to warn people about what is going on....I often forget that I am also being distracted from my true purpose and what I believe to be the true purpose of all of us...and that is to express God's let God's love flow through us to others."It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom"....the joys and peace of God's spiritual kingdom. The Bible tells us the kingdom of heaven is within us. We can experience peace and harmony despite the outer turmoil which seemingly surrounds us. Error or mortal mind...which ultimately has no real power...only seems to have power when we are brainwashed to think that it does.I think this is why evil is being so blatantly paraded in front of make it seem so powerful...even more powerful than God. Some people see this supposed force as nothing more than mesmeric suggestion...or hypnotism. People who look at evil in this manner have usually experienced powerful proofs in their lives which lead them to feel this way.

I don't think that this is just pollyanna thinking. The power of love...the power and presence of God is REAL. All we have to do is sincerely ask for God's presence, wisdom and Love to fill us...and then it can't help but to spill out into the world.

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