Saturday, September 12, 2009


Michael Moore....and others who are listening to him...are saying that the corporations are bad and evil so we need to let the government take charge of our healthcare.

If you will notice the premise of his arguement is a true statement. The corporations are NOT working for our benefit. They only care about profits and control.When using propaganda, social psychology and hypnotism of the masses, this is a tactic that is used to persuade the masses to believe the conclusion or solution given by the same person or entity that made the first true statement.Most people will be outraged and agree with Moore's first statement and subconciously....because his first statement was truthful, will also feel that his second statement is true. Many will accept it and investigate no further.

I have heard others proposing....that instead of people arguing back and forth about healthcare....that we demand an investigation into the degree of connectedness between the corporations and the government. How many corporations are intertwined with the NIH, the CDC, the FDA, the World Health Organization? What past CEOs of drug companies and other health related industries are now sitting in places of power within our government agencies? Who owns stock in what? These are obvious crucial concerns.

If you will notice, the media...even the alternative media.. has people's attention directed towards much smaller issues which they know people will not agree on and therefore will waste all of their time fighting back and forth concerning certain points of the healthcare plan. The main issue should be ....that the government is meshed with the if the corporations are as bad as everyone is clamoring about, why on earth would we want more corporate control under the guise of benevolent government healthcare?

Does anyone else agree that this should be our focus?

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