Thursday, September 17, 2009


Swine Flu propaganda is being literally blasted all over the mainstream media and throughout the alternative media. Both sectors are producing intense fear and confusion with their statements. The mainstream media is telling us that the Swine Flu is a naturally occurring virus and it is being portrayed as the deadly flu pandemic which the government has been predicting for some time now. The prediction always stated the pandemic as inevitable...not a matter of IF but WHEN. I always wondered how they could be so sure of themselves. This whole thing is reminiscent of the predicited terrorist attack on U.S. soil and how it was not a matter of IF but WHEN. Then of course the orchestrated event of 9-11 did take place as predicited BUT the important thing to see is that it wasn't what we were told it was. This is also what we need to look at concerning this swine flu scam.

The alternative media, which many people are trusting, is saying that we will be force vaccinated, the WHO and the government is trying to kill us all off, that we will have to wear tracking bracelets to track and monitor those who have been vaccinated, that those who refuse the vaccines will be taken to concentration camps, that our children will be separated from us at schools, that the virus (assuming there even is a Swine Flu Virus) is genetically engineered to become more lethal and or that it is the vaccine we have to worry about, not the swine flu itself.

The Natural Solutions Foundation, which some people are questioning, is saying that the way to hopefully escape forced to "self shield", meaning to quarantine ourselves willingly. This sounds all well and good, if it is true that we would be force vaccinated otherwise. However, consider this. What if the main goals of this swine flu propaganda are to make money on the vaccine and to quarantine us. Think what would happen if everyone was afraid of a genetically engineered virus OR of a naturally occurring virus (it wouldn't matter for which reason you were afraid, as long as you were afraid). We would willingly quarantine ourselves. The economy is crashing and many feel it is intentional. The timing would be perfect to further destroy the economy the rest of the way by creating chaos and not letting people go to work. The big machine would come to a halt. Chaos would result and then TPTB would create ORDER OUT OF CHAOS....NWO. Lack of medical care and lack of food in the cities may end up killing many.

It would seem that if the vaccines were designed to kill that this would be all too obvious and the people would revolt. I am not saying that this scenerio that I have presented is the right or real one but it is something we need to seriously consider and watch the media carefully (alternative and mainstream) for any evidence that the propaganda may be pushing us towards voluntary quarantine.

One other thing to consider. If people begin to catch on to their plan, assuming I am right, there may be several orchestrated subevents, such as a school or other institutions with closed ventilation systems, having a severe or more lethal outbreak. There is the possibility, that if this does happen..that the buildings could have been intentionally contaminated. We need to think of all possibilities ahead of time in order to be better able to evaluate what is actually occurring when it happens down the road.

I think that our goal should be to keep an open mind and not to trust any form of the media but that we need to evaluate everything to see what makes sense to us.

"God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of Love and of a sound mind." We all have the God given ability for sound intuition.

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