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Besides oxygen,water and salt are two of the most essential elements to life. ...and the cheapest. There are many ways to include salt and water in a comprehensive health program. I will list a few of them here.

With all the flu pandemic fear mongering and immoral marketing of the flu vaccine, we could use a bit of balance and common sense added to the picture. There are many natural antiviral and antibacterial substances which are much safer and even more effective than vaccines. Today we will focus on water and salt.

SALT PIPE : A few years ago I was introduced to the salt pipe for use with asthma. I have no financial ties to this brand but it is the brand I have used and it is the original salt pipe which was invented in Hungary. There are other brands that I'm sure are just as effective. Here is a paragraph from the website that briefly explains the history and reasoning behind the saltpipe invention.

"The saltpipe derives from an ancient natural salt treatment which has been used for decades for treating respiratory problems. During the WWII, residents of a German city of Ennepetal were using Klutert cave as a bomb shelter. Amazingly, they found that they were coughing considerably less and breathing easier with each air raid. Later on it was confirmed by scientists that many of those using the cave as a bomb shelter were indeed cured of their asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other diseases of the respiratory tract. The healthy individuals hiding in that cave had strengthened their immunity and stopped catching colds. Europeans have long had the advantage of special clinics in salt caves to help alleviate their breathing problems. This method has been named "Speleotherapy."

The saltpipe was created for the purpose of having your own portable saltmine. It can be used for asthma, bronchitis, other lung problems and for the prevention of colds and flu. I took a family member to the hospital the other day and a conversation started with the nurses involving their concern over the flu vaccines...specifically the swine flu vaccine. One nurse was very excited about something she had just read about natural flu prevention. You guessed it.....she was excited about the simple substances...water and salt. The nurse was telling me about therapies we have all heard about, which many have used for soothing the symptoms of colds and flu, such as clogged sinuses and sore throat. Gargling with salt and water helps to soothe sore throats ...and the use of neti pots with salt and water helps to break up sinus congestion. However, her information was a bit different in that salt and water can be used as an actual preventative. A person would still gargle, use neti pots and salt pipes, but they would use them as a preventative measure instead of after a person becomes ill. Salt kills germs.
I have tried the neti pot but I personally found it a bit uncomfortable. I find that using a salt pipe regularly is more comfortable for me...but everyone has their own preferences. The Cisca Salt Pipe has a special chamber containing salt and other minerals which have been found in the therapeutic caves. You breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose so the salt air cleanses both areas. This process helps lung conditions and clears the sinus passages.

Most germs enter through the mouth and nasal passages. If we consistently use gargling, neti pots and or salt pipes, hypothetically we can help prevent respiratory illness. I would also like to recommend a very beautiful and informative book about salt and water. It's called Water and Salt, The Essence of Life This book includes directions on how to make a salt sole, which is taken internally and has many health benefits.
Other important information about water and salt are the books and videos by Dr F. Batmanghelidj,MD. and

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