Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I would like to know what public relations company or companies were hired to choreograph the Swine flu propaganda scam. The firm of Burson Marsteller is one of the firms who will work with government agencies and corporations concerning the supposed Swine Flu Pandemic. Here is their advertising to draw clients for this purpose.

Knowing what we know concerning the Swine Flu propaganda, it's difficult to imagine that these companies which create the propaganda really believe that they are doing something positive. If they create scenerios to sell a product or a war....you would think they would be aware of the actual truth of the situation. If this is true, how can they live with themselves? Most people probably enter this profession thinking that it's all about harmless advertising. Perhaps they are not always aware of what they may be getting into. Of course everything about PR firms is not negative but some of them are involved in mass deception to manipulate the population.

It seems to me that we should focus a bit more on the PR Firms. If the public realized how big of a role these Public Relation Companies played in deceiving them, maybe there would be more outrage. I'm sure PR companies were involved in framing the whole 9-11 War on Terror Scenerio. It's common practice now to utilize these companies to sell fear campaigns and to choreograph whole war scenerios. This needs to be more extensively written about.

LIST OF Healthcare and medical Public Relation Firms http://www.odwyerpr.com/profiles/profiles_october_healthcare.pdf

The following audio is of Dr. Mercola interviewing Dr. Russell Blaylock concerning the TRUTH about the Flu vaccines and vaccines in general. It's something everyone needs to listen to...especially pregnant women.

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  1. Our healthcare system is a mess because things like this run it. Follow the money.

    Unfortunately the direction the government is taking will only add to the problem. They are either clueless about what the REAL problems with our system are or intentionally corrupt in directing the money to those in their favor.

    Either way conflicts of interest, the pharmaceutical industry, patents on research, stifling of research that conflicts with current dogma....those are the real problems in our system that are not being addressed.

    It doesn't just happen with Lyme Disease guidelines but with every aspect of the care and treatment of patients. Very few docs are dedicated enough to their patients to buck the system.